Sunset in Vychada beach, Santorini
Sunset in Vychada beach, Santorini

Harmonizing nature’s artistry with the soothing rhythm of the Aegean, Santorini cradles within its shores the essence of paradise. From black and white pebbled bays to secluded coves that attract visitors from around the globe, the island is a fantastic destination for sun lovers!

Dive into the allure of its coastal wonders, where volcanic whispers dance with the sparkling turquoise waters. Join us as we unveil the best beaches in Santorini, discovering the enchanting tales they weave and the best things to do when visiting each of them.


Uncover the best beaches in Santorini for swimming


1. Kamari Beach

Location: 8.2 km from Fira

Kamari beach, Santorini

Nestled along Santorini’s eastern coastline, Kamari Beach is a family-friendly bay known for its vibrant ambiance and picturesque setting. Stretching 5 kilometers, it boasts volcanic black sand that creates a striking contrast against the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Featuring first-rate amenities such as WC facilities, various coffee shops and restaurants and equipment rental options, it invites you to enjoy a fun beach day.


Things to do in Kamari Beach, Santorini

  • Unwind at its sun-kissed shores, framed by the imposing Mesa Vouno mountain 
  • Do thrilling watersports like windsurfing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving 
  • Stroll its lively promenade, lined with charming restaurants, cafes, and shops


How to get to Kamari Beach

There is a regular bus service from Fira to Kamari during the high season. It takes around 20 minutes and it’s the most budget-friendly option compared to taxis and private transfers.


2. Perissa Beach

Location: 11.9 km from Fira

Perissa beach in Santorini

Located on Santorini’s southeastern coast, Perissa Beach beckons with its captivating black lava sand, pebbles and crystalline waters with a cobalt hue. Extending along a scenic stretch of many kilometers, it is renowned for its vivid atmosphere and diverse entertainment options.

Being awarded the coveted Blue Flag, it offers fabulous facilities, including beachside tavernas, water sports centers, and comfortable loungers, ensuring a delightful experience.


Things to do in Perissa Beach, Santorini

  • Swim in its sparkling waters and relax at one of the plentiful beach bars available
  • Explore the inviting seabed with a scuba diving lesson at one of its 2 diving centers
  • Enjoy a luscious meal at a traditional tavern serving fresh food


How to get to Perissa Beach

Take the bus from Fira to Perissa, providing a scenic journey of approximately 25 minutes. 


3. Red Beach

Location: 12 km from Fira

Red beach Santorini

Tucked away on the island’s southwest coast, Red Beach stands as a geological marvel with its unique blend of crimson rocks and dark, pebbly sand. Boasting a visually striking landscape, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sights on the island!

Its imposing red volcanic cliffs combined with the mesmerizing azure waters give it an untamed feel that will remain in your memories forever. So, if you are looking for the best things to do in Santorini, visiting the Red Beach should be on the top of your bucket list.


Things to do at Red Beach, Santorini

  • Absorb the alluring beauty of the red cliffs and contrasting blue waters
  • Capture phenomenal photographs of the Mars-like scenery that is unlike any other
  • Visit the nearby Akrotiri archaeological site to witness the remnants of the once-flourishing Minoan civilization


How to get to Red Beach

You can reach the bay with a 25-minute drive from Fira. There, you can snap awe-inspiring photos from the top only as it’s not allowed to climb down due to the danger of stone slides. For an actual swim in its waters, you can opt for a Santorini day cruise that sails past it.


4. White Beach

Location: 13.8 km from Fira

White beach Santorini

Very close to Red Beach, White Beach is another captivating destination with its breathtaking white cliffs and pebbled shore. Accessible by boat, this hidden gem offers a serene escape that promises to enchant you with its secluded charm and tranquil atmosphere.

While smaller in size, it has nothing to be jealous of regarding beauty, with its crystalline waters inviting you to take a refreshing dip away from the bustling crowds.


Things to do at White Beach, Santorini

  • Take in the stunning scenery surrounded by impressive volcanic cliffs
  • Sunbathe on the soft white pebbles or the available sun loungers
  • Snorkel while enjoying the calmness of this naturally sheltered spot


How to get to White Beach

The only way to reach White Beach is by boat. More specifically, you can opt for a Santorini catamaran tour that stops at its shore after passing through other appealing landmarks. Alternatively, you can take a taxi boat from Red Beach that costs 15€ roundtrip. 


5. Vlychada Beach

Location: 10.3 km from Fira

Vlychada beach Santorini

Discover the peaceful beauty of Vlychada Beach, a lesser-known jewel along Santorini’s southern coast. Known for its lunar-like landscape, it is adorned with white volcanic cliffs that give it a rugged appearance. 

The coarse black sand, complemented by sky-blue waters, creates a tranquil environment, making it a perfect spot to unwind in seclusion. Furthermore, there is a cafe offering sunbeds, snacks and drinks for an entirely convenient beach experience.


Things to do at Vlychada Beach, Santorini

  • Relax under the distinctive white rock formations that provide a natural shade
  • Visit the beautiful Tomato Industrial Museum located just 5 minutes away
  • Take one of the caldera cruises starting from there to admire the island’s charm from a different perspective


How to get to Vlychada Beach:

From Fira, take the bus to Vlychada, operating 3 times daily, which takes around 30 minutes. Taxis and rental cars are alternative transportation options.


6. Perivolos beach

Location: 11.7 km from Fira

Perivolos beach in Santorini

Lying on the southeastern shoreline, Perivolos is Santorini’s longest black-sand beach, beckoning with crystal-clear waters. 

As an extension of Perissa Beach, it is known for its party vibes, spellbinding natural surroundings and diverse beachside options.


Things to do at Perivolos Beach, Santorini

  • Indulge in water sports such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, and beach volleyball
  • Get a glimpse into the Greek way of entertainment at the numerous beach clubs
  • Dine at beachfront restaurants offering delectable Greek dishes 


How to get to Perivolos Beach

Perivolos is easily accessible from Fira. Hop on the bus to Perissa, which departs hourly every day and takes approximately 25 minutes. 


7. Monolithos Beach

Location: 5.7 km from Fira

Monolithos beach in Santorini

Standing as a gem on the eastern shoreline of Santorini, Monolithos Beach sticks out with its black, fine sand and shallow waters, making it an ideal spot for families with young children. 

Named after the striking presence of a rock formation known as Monolithos, it is renowned for its serene environment – one of the top reasons locals prefer it. With the ability to rent umbrellas and sunbeds, it is an excellent option for spending a relaxing day by the beach.


Things to do at Monolithos Beach, Santorini

  • Enjoy a leisurely swim in its calm waters and have fun building sand castles
  • Relish treasured moments of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds
  • Try kitesurfing with the equipment you can pick from the rental shop at the north end


How to get to Monolithos Beach

A short bus ride from Fira, taking approximately 15 minutes, is a convenient way to reach Monolithos Beach. Taxis and rental cars also provide flexibility for transportation.


8. Cape Colombo Beach

Location: 9.2 km from Fira

Cape Columbo beach in Santorini

Situated on the northeast coast of the island, Colombo Beach is a hidden gem offering an utterly secluded experience due to its remote position. Featuring a pebble and dark gray sand beachfront, it is one of the most pristine beaches in Santorini.

It is renowned for its deep blue waters and the stunning backdrop of dramatic cliffs, with the only drawback being the lack of facilities around.


Things to do at Cape Colombo, Santorini

  • Take a rejuvenating dip in the welcoming Aegean waters
  • Enjoy utmost serenity, as chances are that you might be the only one on the beach


How to get to Colombo Beach

Cape Colombo is accessible by car, and the journey takes approximately 15 minutes from Fira. While there is no direct public transportation, the scenic drive offers glimpses of the island’s less-explored landscapes.


9. Mesa Pigadia Beach

Location: 13.9 km from Fira

Mesa Pigadia beach in Santorini

Nestled on the southwest coast, Mesa Pigadia Beach presents a peaceful retreat surrounded by wind-blocking volcanic cliffs. Ideal for families, it boasts a unique landscape featuring a natural cave, large pebbles and dark blue calm waters.

Even though it’s a lesser-known hidden gem, its unique characteristics place it among the best beaches in Santorini!


Things to do at Mesa Pigadia Beach, Santorini

  • Relax in the natural shade provided by the imposing cliffs
  • Explore the fascinating cave and the surrounding rock formations
  • Visit the striking Akrotiri Lighthouse, which is only 3 kilometers away


How to get to Mesa Pigadia Beach

You can reach Mesa Pigadia by car, with the journey from Fira taking approximately 25 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the taxi boat from Akrotiri that stops there.


Embark on a captivating journey through the senses with a visit to the best beaches in Santorini

As the sun rises over the Aegean horizon, each beach contributes to the island’s unparalleled charm, leaving an indelible impression on those fortunate enough to explore their shores.

So, as you plan your holiday adventures, be sure to carve out time for these alluring beaches. And don’t forget to book your favorite Santorini sailing tours to relish their volcanic beauty from a different angle!



FAQs about Santorini beaches

What is the closest beach to Fira Santorini?

Monolithos is the closest beach to Fira, only 5.7 kilometers away by car.


What beach do the locals go to in Santorini?

Baxedes Beach in Santorini is the one locals mostly prefer because it is more secluded than the more tourist ones, like Kamari.


Are beaches free in Santorini?

All Santorini beaches are free to access, but amenities like sunbeds and umbrellas usually incur charges.

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