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Nightlife in Santorini

Santorini, adorned for its magical setting, history and volcanic landscape, is also an island known for its vivacious nightlife. On Santorini, visitors can find a plethora of nighttime entertainment venues as the island is packed with bars, clubs, discos and cafés that play a wide selection of different kinds of music, sure to satisfy every musical style. 

The music varies widely from the classical, jazz, techno, to the hardcore rockers. Many café and bars are situated along the caldera and feature an incredible panoramic view over the submerged volcano, while others are tucked into the quaint, cobbled streets weaving through the town.  Many places situated along the caldera are built into renovated cavehouses in which there are strict laws about loud music.  So, these clubs are either indoors or surrounded by high walls if they have a courtyard.

The most notable spot for nightlife is Fira, the capital of the island, which offers a wide variety of bars and night clubs that keep their guests dancing and the music pumping until the early morning hours. During the summer months, these clubs and bars have guest D.J. appearances and live entertainment.  Typically, they charge a small fee at the door, however, this would also include your first drink. 

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