Virtual Team Building in Santorini

Within the last years, numerous companies chose Santorini for their team-building activities. Why stop when the team members are remote? Here are some suggestions for Virtual Team Building in Santorini.

What is virtual team building?

To work effectively as a team and reach the company's goals, co-workers need to work together in a collaborative group. Therefore team building has developed radically within the last years; until 2020, the world came to a stop and all our lives turned online, the same have team building activities.

Many employees are working from their home offices and have lost contact with their colleagues. Virtual team building refers to online activities that create stronger bonds, respect, and trust among team members and improve their work relationships.

Virtual team building includes different projects, tasks and fun activities to strengthen social relations, build significant working connections and bring remote teams closer.

Virtual Team Building in Santorini

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What are the benefits of virtual team building?

In times when it is difficult for members of a team to physically meet, it is incredibly hard to build relationships for better collaboration.

This is what virtual team building is for:

  • They can meet online to increase productivity by engaging in team-related goals.
  • By spending fun time together, even online, they can fight loneliness and increase job satisfaction and motivation.
  • Virtual team building helps to improve communication and develop problem-solving skills.

Virtual Team Building in Santorini

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How does virtual team building work?

In 2020 team building does not have to be a personal meeting anymore. The team members can stay at home and get together in a virtual team building activity, which has been booked and arranged by the team manager in advance. This activity could even take place during their lunch break.

Virtual Team Building in Santorini

Need some ideas for fun virtual team building for your team? Imagine you travel virtually to Santorini:

Virtual Team building in Santorini

Within the last years, many companies chose Santorini for their team-building activities. It doesn't have to stop, as there are great ideas for virtual team building activities in Santorini:

Live Santorini Virtual Cooking Class Experience

Virtual Team Building in Santorini

Meet your team online and roll up your sleeves for the live Santorini virtual cooking class experience. Enjoy Mediterranean flavors and let them overwhelm your senses. Fill your kitchen with Greek island feelings while chatting and having fun with your team members.

Live Santorini Sunset Virtual Walking Tour

Virtual Team Building in Santorini

Enroll in an extraordinary team-building experience accompanied by your team members with the live Santorini sunset virtual walking tour and let this breathtaking scenery open your mind. Feel the unique island ambiance and let this awe-inspiring sight be the motivation to bond with your team.

Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour

Virtual Team Building in Santorini

Open your windows to one of the most famous Greek islands from the comfort of your home or office with the Santorini first impressions virtual tour. Venture out on a flight tour to the volcanic island's enchanting features, from the whitewashed houses to the clear blue Aegean sea.

Live Virtual Santorini Wine Stories

Virtual Team Building in Santorini

Sit back and unravel the remarkable history behind each glass of volcanic wine with the live virtual Santorini wine tour. Capitulate to a whole world of enology, which started in prehistoric times and evolved through time to the famous delicious wine we cherish today.

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