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Half-Day Morning Santorini Sailing Tour

Set sail on a Half-Day Morning Santorini Sailing Tour 

Step aboard a luxury yacht for an amazing half-day at sea during a superb sailing around Santorini tour in the morning. Visit the volcanic hot springs and take a dip in their revitalizing warm waters. Snorkel in the translucent waters at Mesa Pigadia Beach. Savor a delicious homemade meal onboard, including tomato fritters, fava, and other local delicacies. Collect memories at sea to cherish forever. 

Half-Day Morning Santorini Sailing Tour Highlights 

  • Join a small-group Santorini day tour on a modern luxury yacht for an unforgettable morning of sailing around the famous island. 
  • Take a leisurely soak in the therapeutic sulfur hot springs, regarded for their healing properties and calming effects. 
  • Gain access to top-of-the-line snorkeling equipment so you can discover a breathtaking underwater scene in some of the world’s clearest waters. 
  • Relish a fresh, homemade meal onboard featuring local favorites such as tomato fritters, fava, Greek salad, tzatziki, and other delicacies. 


Half-Day Morning Santorini Sailing Tour Itinerary

Commence Your Santorini Day Tour 

Say hello to your experienced captain and crew before boarding your luxury yacht Santorini day tour at the Port of Akrotiri. Join a small group on board as you prepare to set off into the transparent Aegean waters. 

Cruise to Red and White Beaches

Be in awe of Santorini’s unique coastline and dramatic cliffs as you reach renowned Red and White beaches on the southern tip of the island. Snap pictures as you sail past the shorelines composed of pumice stone and volcanic sand. 

Kick Back at the Hot Springs

Take the plunge into the sulphuric waters of the hot springs and feel a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation wash over you. Relieve pains you may feel in the healing warm waters that reach around 35 C (95 F) in temperature. 

Snorkel in Mesa Pigadia

Discover a vast underwater world while snorkeling in Mesa Pigadia’s crystalline waters on the southwestern coast. Enjoy the tranquil waters and peaceful surroundings on one of Santorini’s most quiet beaches. 

Enjoy a Homemade Lunch

Have an authentic lunch onboard prepared on the spot by your captain. Taste fresh, seasonal ingredients and local dishes including fava, tomato fritters, eggplant dip, and of course Greek salad. Cheers with local beers, wines, and soft drinks and enjoy your meal at sea. 


Sailing Cruise Itinerary


  • Transportation to and from your accommodation
  • Snorkeling Gear and swim noodles
  • Towels
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lunch or dinner on board
  • Beverages



  • Personal expenses



  • Santorini Fava
  • Greek Salad of local products
  • Traditional Tomato fritters
  • Tzatziki
  • Eggplant salad of white Santorini eggplants
  • Chloro (Santorini goat cheese)
  • Greek Pastitsio

Half-Day Morning Santorini Sailing Tour In Detail

Say hello to your complimentary hotel transfer before hopping aboard a sleek luxury yacht at the Port of Akrotiri for a morning of sailing. Become energized by the morning Grecian sun as you set off in the calm waters of the Aegean. Be camera ready as you sail past Red and White Beaches, whose unique geological formations have made them world-famous. Look out onto the endless horizon on one side and the beautiful coastline of the island on the other. Experience a sense of unparalleled freedom during your Santorini tour.

Feel completely revitalized after bathing in the sulphuric hot springs, noted for their healing properties and blue-green waters. Anchor at Mesa Pigadia Beach and marvel at its shimmering, clear waters. Take the plunge into the sea with snorkeling gear and discover a diverse underwater world. Indulge in delicious lunch onboard featuring tomato fritters, fava, and other Santorini delicacies. Make your way back towards the Port of Akrotiri and say goodbye to your Santorini day tour captain and crew. 


  • Wear comfortable clothing. Shoes have to be taken off when boarding the vessel
  • We advise you to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock.
  • Do not wear light-colored bathing suits as the water in the Hot Springs contains sulfur and iron and leaves stains
  • We follow  Covid-19 health and safety measures