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Hiking in Santorini Caldera Tour from Fira to Oia

Take part in a thrilling Hiking in Santorini Caldera Tour from Fira to Oia

Kick your holidays into overdrive with an exciting hiking tour along the caldera from Fira to Oia. Take part in an exhilarating Santorini tour that provides you with incredible views of the endless horizon and the island’s unique volcanic beauty. Discover an array of blue-domed churches in traditional villages like Firostefani and Imerovigli. Conclude in breathtaking Oia and admire the best views yet. 

Hiking in Santorini Caldera Tour from Fira to Oia Highlights

  • Start your thrilling hiking adventure in Fira, the island's capital, and spend some time admiring the village’s charming streets and shops. 
  • Hit the trail as you make your way north towards traditional villages such as Firostefani and Imerovigli, and take pictures of iconic blue-domed churches. 
  • Learn all about the cataclysmic volcanic eruption from millennia ago, as well as more recent facts about the local way of life, from your Santorini expert guide. 
  • Reach the Castle of Oia, whose incomparable views out onto the horizon and traditional whitewashed houses are the perfect way to end your Santorini tour. 


Hiking in Santorini Caldera Tour from Fira to Oia Itinerary

Kick Things Off in Fira

Begin your day of hiking in Fira, Santorini’s capital. Admire the signature Cycladic architecture as well as the quaint shops and cafes in the village. 

Pass Through Traditional Villages

Perceive the beauty of Firostefani and Imerovigli, two traditional villages. Take plenty of photos of the blue-domed churches and whitewashed houses throughout.

Connect with Surrounding Nature

Feel a sense of serenity by the gorgeous nature. Appreciate the natural landscapes including vibrant wildflowers, staggering cliffs, and of course the sparkling Aegean Sea.

Learn History From Your Expert Guide

Ask your guide all about Santorini’s fascinating history. Learn about everything from the effects of the volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, to more recent maritime stories. 

Discover Ultimate Views in Oia

Conclude your Santorini day tour in Oia. Take in the unparalleled views of the caldera’s jagged cliffside and the astonishing horizon from the Castle of Oia out over the shimmering sea waters. 


  • 4hrs semi-private tour including pick-up and drop-off
  • Knowledgeable and fun English speaking local guide
  • Snacks and table water
  • All taxes



  • Personal expenses

Hiking in Santorini Caldera Tour from Fira to Oia In Detail

Prepare for an adventure during a heart-pounding day of hiking from Fira to Oia. Begin your Santorini day tour in Fira, the island’s capital. Lace up your shoes and hit the trail as you make your way north up the coast. Unravel the beauty of traditional villages such as Firostefani and Imerovigli. Admire their beauty which features a plethora of blue-domed churches and iconic whitewashed houses. Take a moment to look out onto the seemingly endless horizon and snap some pictures to cherish forever.

Get in touch with the stunning nature that surrounds you. Notice how colorful wildflowers add a pop of color to an otherwise barren landscape. Be in awe of the jagged cliffside and the unique volcanic nature of Santorini. Ask your expert guide about the volcanic eruption that completely transformed the island thousands of years ago. Inquire about local traditions and the way of life in modern-day Santorini. Reach the Castle of Oia, the crown jewel of Santorini. Take in the breathtaking views out over the Aegean as you think fondly about your Santorini tour hiking the caldera.


  • You should wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sun blocker and bring a good mood.
  • Due to the level of difficulty not recommended for children up to 10 years old
  • We follow  Covid-19 health and safety measures 
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