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Live Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour

Marvel in a Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour 

Treat yourself to a virtual tour in Santorini from the comfort of your home. Open a window to the island’s most enthralling features with the Santorini first impressions virtual tour: explore the volcanic landscape and roam among its whitewashed houses and cobbled streets. Browse through audiovisual material and learn about the island’s history to dive further into the local culture.

Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour Highlights 

  • Get lost in Greece’s most spectacular volcanic island and join a virtual sightseeing tour with a small group of people from all around the globe. 
  • Skip the queues, board the cruise, and experience Santorini live only using your laptop. 
  • Let yourself wander into winding alleys, white-washed houses, and blue-domed churches. 
  • Engage in a live chat with other travelers, browse through audiovisual material and truly experience Santorini live.

Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour Itinerary

Start your Santorini Virtual Tour

Meet your virtual guide and co-travelers and brace yourself for an hour-long Santorini experience.

Learn about the Island’s History in Megalochori & Pyrgos

Learn about Santorini’s long history while strolling around the island’s most picturesque villages, Megalochori and Pyrgos. 

Enjoy the View from the Highest Top

Climb up to the Monastery of Profitis Ilias and let yourself gaze through the island’s highest mountains. Enjoy the breathtaking, panoramic view. 

Get lost in Oia and enjoy its Famous Sunset 

Stroll around Oia’s little stone-paved streets, white-washed houses, and traditional taverns. Take in the gloaming sunset and let yourself relax while gazing at the endless blue horizon. 

Marvel at the Black Pebbled Beaches

Enjoy the dazzling view from Firostefani village and prepare to experience the island’s long-awaited black pebbled beaches uniquely. 


  • One hour of live chat with a local guide
  • Real-time connection
  • Presentation of pictures and videos of the most picturesque sites

Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour In Detail

Explore Greece’s most charming island from the comfort of your home. Teleport yourself virtually into a small paradise on earth with the Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour and experience Santorini live. Meet your guide and start strolling around the island’s quaint streets and turquoise waters. Visit Megalochori and Pyrgos, two of Santorini’s most idyllic villages, and tune into the vivid description of an expressive narrator to find out all about the island’s history. Head to Profitis Ilias Monastery, and climb up the mountain to admire the magnificent panoramic view of the coastline, volcano, and endless blue.

Prepare for the Santorini first impression virtual Tour highlight: the sunset in Oia. Browse through audiovisual material on Oia’s carved into the rugged cliff-top white houses that overlook the caldera. Enjoy one of the world’s most renowned sunsets. Finish your virtual tour in Santorini at Firostefani village and its nearby beaches, and get the chance to experience the long-awaited black pebbled beaches of the island. Live in the moment and experience a whole hour of live chatting and in-depth exploration of Santorini’s unique charm with the Santorini virtual tour.


  • Gather with your family and friends and bring your best mood
  • We will meet through Zoom, sending you the meeting code right after booking
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