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Live Virtual Santorini Wine Tour

Revel in a Live Virtual Santorini Wine Tour

Unravel the remarkable stories behind each glass of volcanic wine with the live virtual Santorini wine tour. Surrender to a whole world of enology that started in prehistoric times and evolved through the centuries to the famous wine we cherish today. Sit back, relax and enjoy a virtual wine tasting experience.

Live Virtual Santorini Wine Tour Highlights 

  • Immerse yourself in the absolute best aromas with a sensational Santorini live wine tasting experience.
  • Get an eyeful of your favorite Greek island and instantly feel transported to the Aegean Sea beachfront.  
  • Discuss anything you want with your host and let all your questions be answered regarding Santorinian wine. 
  • Find out how to taste and compare local Santorinian wines and distinguish the difference between them.  
  • Engage in a ground-to-glass journey with a virtual wine tour in the marvelous Santorini and feel pure joy in your chilling glass. 


Live Virtual Santorini Wine Tour Itinerary

Start the Virtual Santorini Wine Tour 

Meet Dionysis and get ready to share his passion for good wine and the stories behind it. Start learning about the Santorinian wine culture and the thousands of years behind it.

Learn All About the Process 

There’s a reason why the wine in Santorini tastes so good. Special procedures result in a distinctive taste, and all the info is right here with vivid pictures and descriptive details. Find out all the details in the Santorini live wine tasting experience.

Take a Wine Pairing Course

Learn the different types of locally produced wine and find out which foods and flavors complement each one. From savory dishes to desserts, each food goes well with a different wine.

Drink Wine with the Group

It goes without saying that a glass of good wine can loosen you up in a good way and create special bonds between people. Mingle with the group or share the Santorini live wine tasting experience with your friends or family.


  • One hour of live chat with a professional sommelier
  • Real-time connection
  • Wine tasting seminar

Live Virtual Santorini Wine Tour In Detail 

Treat yourself or your loved ones to a virtual wine tasting experience that is one-of-a-kind. Participate in a descriptive virtual tour. Pop the cork of your favorite Greek drink during the virtual Santorini wine tour. Accompany our sommelier, Dionysis, on a refreshingly offbeat tour from your own home. Traverse through the different eras and places that shaped winemaking on the beautiful island and indulge in a Santorini live wine tasting experience. Unearth the secrets of the distinct methods used by the people and the intriguing gifts by Mother Nature. 

Distinguish each local wine and ascertain their differences. Make your way to every significant spot in Santorini related to viticulture and track every single step of the making process, from the vineyards to the grape stomping area. Peruse the carefully selected photos of the grapes types and gather useful wine pairing tips to impress the guests at your next dinner party. Join a wine degustation and interact with your team and the guide while exploring local wines from the island of Santorini.


  • Gather with your family and friends and bring your best mood
  • We will meet through Zoom, sending you the meeting code right after booking
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