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Private Wine Tour in Santorini

Swan around the vineyards that adorn the beautiful island, in a private wine tour in Santorini. Trace the origins of the much appreciated volcanic wine and try the authentic taste of famous types like the heavenly Vinsanto.

  • Dig up the secrets of a wine-centric region that live on for years with the wine tour in Santorini.  
  • Traverse the crème de la crème of vineyards and wineries chosen by the experts.
  • Sample various wines with the ideal complementary taste in the wine tasting tour in Santorini.



  1. Ancient Vineyard: The Santorini wine tour starts from the ancient years and goes on to this day. You are introduced to the techniques used then and now, and everything concerning the island’s viticulture.
  2. Winery Experts: As you dive deeper into the facts, visit the wineries and see for yourself all the unique methods that have been used, like the “kouloura” (basket). Explore every characteristic wine after a tour in each one and pair the tastes. Tour around the cave winery Hatzidakis and the estate Avantis.
  3. Distillery Tour: Time for some delicious locally produced ouzo and spirits at Canava Santorini. By now you should be feeling like an expert too!


  • Pick up / Drop off in a modern air-conditioned vehicle
  • Fun and knowledgeable wine experts
  • Tasting of 4 wines in each winery and 4 local spirits in Canava Ouzo
  • A sampling of local bites paired with the wines
  • All taxes



  • Personal Expenses

Roam around the one of a kind vineyards of the island - from the ancient ones all the way to the modern estates in a stimulating wine tour in Santorini. Engage in fascinating conversations regarding winemaking methods and the unique process used in Santorini, and discover everything about viticulture on the island. Take delight in all those tastes and flavors of Vinsanto, Assyrtiko, Nychteri, and try some of the traditional Greek ouzo. Indulge in award-winning wines and pair them with the perfect savory treat or delicacy earning a whole new experience level on what goes well with each one. Let the wine tasting tour in Santorini take you on a local wine culture journey where you can share your fascination with the experts while learning from them.


  • You should bring good mood.
  • The drinking age in Greece is 18 years.
  • Please inform us about special dietary requirements and food allergies
  • We follow  Covid-19 health and safety measures 
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