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Santorini Food Tour in a Box - Santorini Souvenirs

Unwrap delicious Santorini Souvenirs

Give the gift of a memorable experience or enjoy it yourself. Order our Santorini food tour in a box with delicious Santorini souvenirs and receive culinary highlights of the island. Celebrate this sunny island’s tastes and have the option to book a virtual meeting with our local guides to hear the stories behind each sample.

Santorini Souvenirs Highlights

  • Stay at home and wait for your favorite treats and Santorini souvenirs to arrive at your doorstep.
  • Open your door for the authentic Greek island feeling with the Santorini Food Tour’s tastes in a Box.
  • Relish the unique delicacies grown in the volcanic terrain of Santorini and gift different Santorini souvenirs to your loved ones.


What’s included in the Santorini Food Box 

1. Vinsanto - the delicious Santorini dessert wine 

Just a sip of the sweet wine produced in Santorini can inspire you and take you to the beautiful island’s volcanic caldera and magnificent coasts. Enjoy your wine ideally paired with sweet tastes till the last drop.

2. Ouzo - the traditional Greek spirit from a local distillery

Feel like an authentic Greek with a taste of the fiery local spirit. Greece’s traditional drink, ouzo, is the perfect cure on a cold winter’s day or a refreshing summer drink when poured on top of ice cubes. Pair it with savory delicacies.

3. Fava - original Santorini split peas, including a tasty recipe

Santorini is famous for its fava bean dishes that smell of freshly cut herbs and are rich in nutrients. Follow the recipe included in the Santorini souvenirs box and indulge in a new dish with the Cycladic island’s aroma.

4. Thyme - picked and dried on the island

Whether you use it for cooking on its own or in combination with other herbs, thyme never fails to let out its distinctive aroma and add a little something extra to each dish. Add it to your fava beans or any food you desire.

5. Capers & Caper leaves - handpicked and pickled by Faros Market

Experience the taste of a Mediterranean pickled berry that gives a distinctive flavor to salads with its strong, salty aftertaste and is full of vitamins. The impressive caper leaves can garnish dishes beautifully.

6. Sundried Santorini tomatoes

If you’re a fan of the Mediterranean diet, then the Santorini sundried tomatoes are the perfect addition to your salads. Dried in the Greek sun and dehydrated, they leave a sweet taste in your mouth after every bite.

7. Sweet preserved grapes - a local homemade delicacy

Delight in the syrupy dessert made of locally grown grapes that is both delicious and healthy. An excellent way to explore its taste to the fullest is to try it on Greek yogurt. Every spoonful is an ambrosial dream.

8. Santo Honey - original thyme honey 

Rich in antioxidants, try the thyme honey straight from a local beekeeper in Santorini. It is sweet and tasty - perfect for spreading on bread or on top of Greek yogurt. You can also just delight in a spoonful of honey on its own. 

9. Personal surprises from Santorini Experts 

Our team has put together extra surprises in your Santorini souvenirs box. Take a journey across the island with its local products as your tour guide and see what makes Santorini’s cuisine exceptional.


  • Mail Package full of traditional Santorini souvenirs and delicacies
  • Recipe for the local Fava hummus
  • Shipping Costs



Once you receive your Santorini Food Tour in a Box, book optional your online meeting with one of our local guides to chat about Santorini, hear the stories behind each product and learn how to pair the tastes.


Santorini Souvenirs in Detail

Embark on a full-flavored journey with a Santorini souvenirs gift box full of delicious foods made on the island. Taste savory delicacies, like capers, sun-dried tomatoes, and a fantastic fava dish. Indulge in sweet delights, such as thyme honey and sweet-preserved grapes, all grown and produced in Santorini. Discover the way locals in Santorini eat and drink and the traditional fava dish associated with the island.

Clink your glasses together with a taste of the sweet Vinsanto Santorinian wine or the strong Greek ouzo drink - alone or with your preferred company. Add thyme, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and caper leaves to your dishes and impress your friends. Unearth the tastiest Santorini souvenirs out of a box from the comfort of your home!


  • Help local businesses when ordering these Santorini delicacies.
  • Shipping costs are included.
  • Once you receive the Food Box, book the date for your virtual live Tasting Experience with a local guide.
  • We will meet through Zoom, sending you the meeting code right after booking
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