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Santorini Food Tour in a Box

Give the gift of a memorable experience or enjoy it yourself. Order our Santorini Food Tour in a Box and receive culinary highlights of the island. Celebrate the tastes of this sunny island and book optionally a virtual meeting with our local guides to hear the stories behind each sample.

  • Shelter at home and wait for your favorite treats to arrive at your doorstep.
  • Open your door for the Greek island feeling with the tastes of the Santorini Food Tour in a Box.
  • Relish the unrivaled delicacies grown in the volcanic terrain of this Cycladic island.


Content of the Santorini Food Box includes:

  • Vinsanto - the delicious Santorini dessert wine 
  • Ouzo - from a local distillery
  • Fava - original Santorini split peas including the recipe to cook it
  • Thyme - picked and dried on the island
  • Capers and 
  • Caper leaves - handpicked and pickled by Faros Market
  • Sundried Santorini tomatoes
  • Sweet preserved grapes - a local homemade delicacy, try it on top of Greek yogurt
  • Santo Honey - original thyme honey from a local beekeeper
  • personal surprises from SantoriniExperts for you


  • Mail Package full of traditional Santorini delicacies
  • Recipe for the local Fava hummus
  • Shipping Costs



Once you receive your Santorini Food Tour in a Box, book optional your online meeting with one of our local guides to chat about Santorini, hear the stories behind each product and learn how to pair the tastes.



  • Help local businesses when ordering these Santorini delicacies.
  • Shipping costs are included.
  • Once you receive the Food Box, book the date for your virtual live Tasting Experience with a local guide.
  • We will connect online through GoogleMeet!