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Santorini Live Sunset Virtual Walking Tour

Santorini Live Sunset Virtual Walking Tour

Get ready for an epic virtual getaway from the comfort of your home. Join a Santorini Sunset Virtual Tour and let yourself marvel at the charms of Santorini. Walk around cobbled streets and whitewashed little houses. Indulge in a Santorini sunset live experience and let the feelings of awe pour over you. 

Santorini Live Sunset Virtual Walking Tour Highlights 

  • Visit the Cycladic island from your own home with the Santorini Sunset Virtual Tour. 
  • Join a local guide and stroll around the island to enjoy the most sought-after views. 
  • Take in the world’s most renowned sunset and experience Santorini sunset live. 
  • Connect with your team and guide in real-time and roam virtually to explore the island.
  • Immerse in an interactive virtual tour and browse through soul-soothing landscapes.


Santorini Live Sunset Virtual Walking Tour Itinerary

Start your Santorini Sunset Virtual Tour

Meet your tour guide at the island’s most Insta-friendly church and let the exploration begin. Get ready to explore and be amazed by Santorini’s most enthralling island features. 

Learn about Santorini’s Caldera and Volcano

Tune in with your local guide and find out about the island’s history. Learn how a catastrophic natural phenomenon affected and shaped the island’s reality up to the present. 

Wander in Santorini streets & merge with locals

Get lost in Santorini’s narrow alleys and take in the local charm and culture. Learn the facts and figures of life on the island and make the most out of your Santorini Sunset Virtual Tour.

Gaze at the breathtaking Santorini sunset 

Treat yourself to the Santorini sunset live experience at the old castle of Oia. Leave the tour with the most calming and stress-relieving picture in mind.


  • One hour of live sightseeing with a local guide
  • Real-time connection
  • Live video walk through Oia
  • Sunset live from Oia castle

Santorini Live Sunset Virtual Walking Tour In Detail

Roam in Greece’s most picturesque island with a Santorini Live Sunset Virtual Walking Tour. Wander through charming streets and enjoy the favorite attractions on the island. Walk around to fully take in the slowly fading away sun rays with the Santorini sunset live experience. Meet your guide at the most Instagrammable metropolitan blue-domed church in Oia. Make sure you capture the moment! Browse through spectacular landscapes and head to the island’s caldera. Tune in with your guide to learn more about the island’s volcano and the mind-boggling scenery it left behind.

Follow your guide through winding streets and observe the traditional whitewashed houses to understand the local life better. Be immersed in conversations with your local guide to dive deeper into your Santorini sunset live experience. Catch a glimpse of the Ammoudi port and enjoy Santorini from above in its full majesty. Enjoy a Live video walk through Oia in a real-time connection. Gaze at the sunset and be in awe with a wondrous Santorini live sunset virtual tour. Take a mental picture, relax and cherish the beautiful memories forever.


  • Gather with your family and friends and bring your best mood
  • We will meet through Zoom, sending you the meeting code right after booking
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