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Greece Sailing Tour: Santorini Multi-Day Sailing Cruise

Be wowed on a Greece Sailing Tour: Santorini Multi-Day Sailing Cruise

Experience a breathtaking and memorable adventure at sea during a spectacular multi-day Santorini sailing tour. Discover what makes the Aegean Sea so irresistible during a calm and luxurious sailing excursion. Sail to nearby Cycladic islands and swim in their crystalline waters. Engage in exciting watersports in warm, ambient waters. Feel a sense of unparalleled freedom during a liberating multi-day sailing tour around Santorini.

Greece Sailing Tour: Santorini Multi-Day Sailing Cruise Highlights

  • Feel captivated during an unforgettable 3-4 days at sea with an amazing Santorini sailing tour around the island and its beautiful neighboring area.
  • Select from the shorter sailing itinerary to Ios, Sikinos, and Folegandros or the longer version with the addition of the stunning island of Anafi as well. 
  • Engage in a variety of activities available to you, including snorkeling with top-of-the-line equipment to discover a diverse underwater world. 
  • Take part in the only available multi-day sailing cruise in and around Santorini for a unique sailing adventure most visitors never experience.

Greece Sailing Tour: Santorini Multi-Day Sailing Cruise Itinerary

Board a Spacious Yacht for your Santorini sailing tour

Step aboard your plush double stateroom yacht following the complimentary transfer from your hotel. Greet your experienced captain and expert crew before getting settled comfortably on your new maritime home-away-from-home. 

Revel in Santorini’s Unmatched Beauty

Soak in Santorini’s staggering views including the dramatic caldera, jagged coastlines, and unique beaches. Snap pictures of Santorini’s unique landmarks including iconic Red and White beaches and the therapeutic hot springs. 

Sail to Beautiful Nearby Cycladic Islands

Hit the open waters and sail to nearby islands in the Cyclades including Anafi, Ios, Sikinos, and Folegandros. Be amazed by each island’s individual beauty, and take note of how they differ from Santorini. 

Explore the Sea with Watersports

Engage in watersports along the way including snorkeling, swimming, and other exciting activities that let you explore the crystal clear and ambient Aegean Sea. Feel completely weightless in the Grecian waters, regarded for their buoyancy. 

Sleep Soundly in a Comfortable Space

Allow the gentle motion of the sea waves put you at ease for restful nights of sleep. Enjoy the sounds of the sea as you fall asleep in your comfortable and roomy double stateroom with clean amenities. 

Savor Delicious Meals of Local Delicacies

Relish in an authentic Greek culinary experience at sea with delicious homemade meals featuring grilled meats, fresh fish, and ripe fruits and vegetables. Have some of the best meals of your Grecian holiday while on your Santorini sailing tour.

Return to Santorini at the conclusion of your Greece sailing tour

End your incredible multi-day sailing experience back in Santorini. Bid farewell to your captain and crew before the complimentary transfer from the port to your hotel. Leave with unforgettable memories of sailing in the Aegean.


  • Transfer from your hotel (or a nearby accessible point) and back, with AC minivan
  • Snorkeling and safety equipment, towels & blankets
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on board
  • Drinks (soft drinks, white local wine, beer, water)
  • Guided tour (video information, maps)
  • Special services upon request

  • Captain & stewardess
  • All meals, snacks, and beverages
  • Fully stocked bar with soft drinks, white local wine, beer, and water
  • Watersports equipment
  • Free Wi-Fi on Crewed Yachts
  • All towels and linens, including beach towels
  • Housekeeping services
  • Most mooring ball fees
  • Double staterooms with en suite lavatory and shower
  • Bean Bags (x2 per yacht)
  • Flat-screen TVs with DVD
  • Stereo and CD Player with Cockpit Speakers
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fuel



  • Gratuity- A gratuity of 15 to 20 percent is suggested if you’re happy with the quality of the service.

Greece Sailing Tour: Santorini Multi-Day Sailing Cruise in Detail

Experience Santorini in a way that most do not during a Santorini multi-day sailing cruise. Greet your expert captain and crew before boarding a luxury double stateroom yacht equipped with modern and clean amenities. Set sail around Santorini and take in its stunning views. Snap pictures of the staggering caldera, whitewashed houses, and unique geological formations. Hit the open waters as you sail towards nearby islands such as Anafi, Ios, Sikinos, and Folegandros. Anchor at various stops and marvel at each island’s individual beauty.

Engage in a variety of watersports during your multi-day Greece sailing tour. Discover the seabed and transparent waters while snorkeling. Swim in total delight on the island’s various beaches. Appreciate being able to experience more than just Santorini during a multi-day sailing cruise, and see how the other islands compare. Quench your thirst with local wines, beers, and refreshments, and savor homemade delicacies and grilled meats and fish throughout the duration of the tour. Return to Santorini after 3 or 4 days with a heart full of memories at sea.


Please bring with you on tour your passports or a copy of them as they might be requested by the Santorini port authorities during a routine check.

Disclaimer Note:

The company reserves the right

  1. a) to change or modify the route of the scheduled trip or to cancel it due to inclement weather or for reasons it seems that they should not ensure safety for the customer. In case of cancellation, a 100% refund of the down or full payment is applied.
  2. b) To carry out the trip with any vessel of the same category depending on the availability and the conditions governing its operations and with the commitment that in any case, it will provide to the customer the agreed services.
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