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Fantastic sailing experience! *****

This was the best sailing experience we have ever had till date! We booked this tour through Santorini Experts for a sunset sailing cruise on the waters of Santorini and enjoyed every bit of it. The sailing experience started at around 16:00 and lasted some 5 hours ending at sunset and return to shore @ 21:00. It was a gorgeous day with some wind (fortunately not too windy), which made the sailing enjoyable and what was exceptional was the hospitality and service provided by the skipper and his deputy, the two Georges (they both are called Georges) who went out of the way accommodating our requests, showing us all the places of interests, anchoring first at the Red Beach for a swim then a tour of the volcanic islands Palaia Kammeni and Nea Kammeni with views of Santorini island and finally anchoring @ the White Beach for a swim followed by some delicious organic veggie dinner, most of it prepared by the skipper himself and served with all their hearts, and watching the sunset, I mean words can't express our experience, satisfaction, happiness.....it was such a memorable sail which we as a family, will cherish for many, many years to come. This was worth every penny we spent and we highly recommend this sailing experience with the Santoriniexperts (thanks to Kathrin for the recommend) with the two Georges at the helm (God bless them both).

CH Raja N
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