No matter the season or your location, chances are there are times you catch yourself dreaming of Santorini. Maybe you’re envisioning the stark white houses topped with their blue domes, or the seemingly endless view out over the dramatic caldera. You can practically hear the traditional music and taste the fresh produce. Though a trip may not be possible now, you can still “visit” the island with a spectacular virtual tour of Santorini.

Virtual tours of Greece are a way for you to feel inspired until you are able to take your next voyage to this majestic land. From the comfort of your home, you can create an entertaining and dreamy escape with an unforgettable virtual tour of Santorini!

Saturday Morning – Kick Start the Virtual tour of Santorini

It is Saturday morning, so be like the locals and sleep in a bit. Remember, you’re on a Greek holiday after all! Once you’re out of bed be sure to mix yourself a delicious frappe, the national coffee of Greece. The locals are addicted to coffee, and it will help energize you for your day of adventure.

Virtual Tours of Santorini kick start is a Greek frappe with Caldera view

Get in the mood by making your surroundings look and feel like a Greek island by setting up white and blue decorations using items like balloons and pennants.

It’s time to get to know the island and take the chance to dive deeper into the story of the famed Santorini volcano. What could be a better way to achieve this than choosing among our top favorites of Virtual Tours in Santorini?:

Virtual Tour of  Santorini: Volcano History


It’s hard to imagine that this alluring paradise has been formed by such a devastating catastrophe as the explosion of a volcano. The Santorini Volcano History goes back hundreds of thousands of years and the eruption that basically wiped out the Minoan civilization in approximately 1615BC. This cataclysmic eruption is said to be the largest in the history of humankind. And while it eradicated the island, the Santorini Caldera and the islets surrounding it were created.

Based on research from several scientists, institutes, and universities, Nikos Korakakis created a video about the Santorini Volcano History, which you should not miss.

Virtual Tour of Santorini: Akrotiri Audio Guide

Findings of the ecavations of Akrotiri in Santorini

Did you know the island was inhabited when the volcano exploded? Proof of that can be found in the south of Santorini, close to Red Beach. There is the Archaeological site of Ancient Akrotiri, a site that began its excavation in 1967.

It reveals the very sophisticated life of the Minoans who inhabited Santorini before the eruption. Unravel the history of this city through the Akrotiri Audio Guide. It gives you great insights and explanations, including a map and pictures of the Archaeological site.

Follow the link to download the Akrotiri Audio Guide and make sure you keep it for your next visit to Santorini as well.

Virtual Tour of Santorini: First Impressions

To help you explore and absorb even more knowledge about Santorini and its local life, come with us on a Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour. Understand the geography of the archipelagos called Santorini with the help of Google Maps. Be amazed by the videos and photographs of all the picturesque spots, traditional villages, mesmerizing views and inviting beaches. Assimilate into the traditions and the architecture of the Cycladic island in a one-to-one session with your host on our Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour.

Santorini First Impressions Virtual Tour

SantoriniExperts Fact: There are several similarities between the story and achievements of the island and the myth of Atlantis, written down by the philosopher Plato in 360 BC. Many believe that the eruption of the Santorini Volcano is the source of the legend.

Saturday Noon – Recipes and Online Cooking Class in Santorini

Now that you have learned about the history, traditions, and local life of Santorini, you are surely hungry. Food is always at the top of the agenda at any great Greek experience, so it is time to master some recipes and an online cooking class in Santorini. Get ready to taste real, local delicacies and fill your stomach with healthy Mediterranean dishes when complying with the recipes of our online cooking class in Santorini.

Santorini’s Tasty Recipes

Santorini Fava topped with capers

You already know that Santorini was formed during a massive volcano eruption. It is an arid island covered under sand and ashes.

And now imagine all the produce growing in this minerally, volcanic soil under the heat of the summer sun. It gives them strong flavors and intense tastes. Consider the small but wonderfully sweet Santorini cherry tomatoes or the yellow fava split peas, which we use to prepare a delicious, creamy dip. Not to mention the wild-growing capers, which fill our daily menu with many beneficial properties.

Can you believe that the locals have learned to prepare various delicacies with the few products the island gives? Explore our selection of some tasty Santorini recipes!

Virtual Cooking Class in Santorini

If you rather have fun with a real, local cook, you should roll up your sleeves and take part in our Live Santorini Virtual Cooking Class.

Gather all the necessary fresh ingredients and connect online. Invite your family and friends to join in. Interact with your host and watch from our kitchen how to prepare traditional local tomato fritters from scratch. Follow our cooking instructions while engaging in an interesting chat about Santorini. Master the recipe of our Virtual Cooking Class in Santorini and get ready to taste the most delicious Mediterranean meze made in your home kitchen.

Live Santorini Virtual Cooking Class Experience

SantoriniExperts Fact: Almost all traditional Santorini recipes are made with fresh local products, as the inhabitants have always lived from agriculture instead of cattle breeding, making Santorini an excellent destination for vegetarians.

Saturday Evening – Movie Night with Films in Santorini

The first day of your Santorini-themed family weekend is slowly coming to an end. It is time to kick back and choose the most relaxing way to end day one of your Santorini virtual tour from home by watching movies located and filmed in Santorini. Catch sight of the scenery of the island, further enhanced by Hollywood production.

There is quite a large selection of movies based in Santorini. We have watched all of them and present here our list of three most worth seeing. Get the popcorn ready and choose your favorite!

Summer Lovers (1982)

Starring Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah, and Valerie Quennessen

Virtual Tours and Things to do in Santorini

Summer Lovers is a romantic comedy from the 1980s filmed in Santorini. It begins with a summer holiday’s essential ingredients: sun, sand, surf, bikinis, and a nearby disco. The young American couple Michael and Cathy decide to spend their summer on the Greek island before settling and taking over the family business. After a few carefree days at the beach, they meet Lina, a French archaeologist who is working at the excavation site of Akrotiri. They start to enjoy the island paradise as a threesome until they begin to fear the end of the summer.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)

starring Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler, Chris Barrie, Ciarán Hinds

Virtual Tours and Things to do in Santorini

The movie starts with a scene of a Greek wedding taking place at the Castelli of Oia. Suddenly a strong earthquake hits. It destroys the location and uncovers the Luna Temple of Alexander the Great, which was sunken in the sea. For the ruler, this temple served as a treasury next to the Alexandria library. Among these treasures was a mysterious ball with a code etched into it. During a dive there, tomb raider Lara Croft discovers this orb. But when she is about to insert the bullet, armed men from the Chinese syndicate appear and steal the valuable loot. Lara Croft finds out that the sphere serves as a map to find the legendary Pandora’s box, which supposedly contains a deadly plaque and so the hunt begins.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

starring Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Blake Lively

Virtual Tours and Things to do in Santorini

Four teenage best friends have decided to spend their first summer apart. On the last shopping outing together they find a pair of jeans fitting every girl perfectly. They agree to call it the Traveling Pants and share it equally through the following summer. One of the girls visits her Greek grandparents in Santorini and falls in love with a young Greek named Kostas. She learns to adjust to life in Greece, which is very different than it is back home in America. And then there’s the sequel to the movie…

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (2008)

Starring Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Blake Lively

The girls have to spend the summer apart again, each following her own adventure. The sister of one of the friends steals the traveling pants after a disagreement and loses them on the Greek island of Santorini, where she visits her grandparents. So the four girlfriends come to Greece together to save the pants. At the same time, they renew their friendship and commitment to each other.

SantoriniExperts Fact: This might come as a surprise for you, but the movie “Mamma Mia” was filmed on another Greek island called Skopelos, which is part of the Sporades group in the North Aegean Sea. As many guests on our tours ask us to show them the scenery of Mamma Mia movie, this might be quite useful information.

Mamma Mia movie scene

Sunday Morning – Board Games and Books about Santorini

We hope you had a great first day on your virtual tour of Santorini, and you felt and embodied the Greek spirit! Today you should try a Greek coffee after waking up. Call in all the family and gather around a table, because it is board games and books about Santorini time!

Board games with Santorini

You didn’t know? Yes, of course, there are board games with Santorini, and it is our pleasure to bring them to you. Both of the board games featured will make for some fun hours for the entire family. Get ready for some friendly competition between you and your loved ones.


The Monopoli of Santorini. It was designed and developed by a couple of very good friends and contains real villages and shops or cafes in Santorini. As with all Monopoly games, it too is a real estate game, only this one will travel you to Santorini with handmade tokens and informative cards. You can buy a village, build your own cave house or go to jail on the volcano islet of Nea Kameni.

Virtual Tours and Things to do in Santorini

Spin Master Santorini

A board game for the whole family. It is simple enough for children to understand, yet interesting for gamers to explore. It does involve some strategy, so be prepared to put your thinking cap on. You need to move, build and climb to win the game.

Books about Santorini

Reading is a delightful way to dive into the island feeling. It helps your imagination to travel and take you to places you long to be. Most books about Santorini are novels talking about summer romance and love stories, but there are educational books and children’s books about Santorini as well. Here are our suggestions for some interesting reads:

His name is Santorini

The Geological History of Santorini for children. The book talks about an island-boy, born in the south of the Aegean Sea to Mama Africa and Papa Eurasio. Your children will love this book. It is written for children in a very easy way to understand. Read on how the volcano grew, the island around him developed, and the explosive temper of the little island boy Santorini destroyed it all.

Virtual Tours and Things to do in Santorini

The Summer House in Santorini

An enjoyable novel about a summer romance. Running away from a failed relationship, a ruined career and a complicated family life, Anna is coming to Santorini. She wants to sell a house she unexpectedly inherited from her recently deceased, estranged father. On this majestic island, the picturesque white-washed villas, blue-domed chapels, and the turquoise waters of the Aegean wash away her melancholy. Anna has never felt more alive. And then there is gorgeous, mysterious Nikos.

SantoriniExperts Fact: Here is another book tip regarding Santorini. You can not read it, but you can color it. It is a fun travel guide about the island where you have to paint not only the map of the island but several highlights and famous spots as well.

Sunday Afternoon – Santorini Virtual Tours of Wine Stories & Tasting

Now, after you have spent your morning playing board games or reading books about Santorini, it’s lunchtime! Go ahead and use yesterday’s recipes from the online cooking class to conjure up a delicious meal for the whole family. And when it comes to pairing these mouthwatering unique dishes with local wine, we have you covered as well:

Virtual Tours of Santorini vine basket

There is so much to learn about Santorini Wines and you can find all this knowledge in the wine stories and wine tasting in your virtual tour of Santorini. Almost 3000 years of continuous grape growing in the unique terrain of this volcanic island is the reason for our precious grapes. Depending on the way of production, these grapes develop a wide variety of flavors and aromas. Read on to find out how it pairs with your meal.

Virtual Wine Tasting tours in Santorini

Pop the cork of delicious Greek wine during the Virtual Santorini Wine. Meet our sommelier, Dionysis, and follow him on a tasting tour from your own home. Travel virtually through the different eras and places that have shaped winemaking on the beautiful island and spoil yourself with a Santorini wine tasting experience. Unravel the secrets of the well-defined techniques used by the locals and the delightful gifts by Mother Nature. Distinguish each indigenous wine and perceive their differences. Look through the carefully selected photos of the grape varieties and gather useful wine pairing tips to impress your guests at the next dinner party.


Virtual Tours: Greece from Home

The Greek Ministry of Tourism and Marketing Greece, with the support of Google, have created an online platform called “Greece From Home”. There you can find lots of videos and information to take virtual tours of Greece from the comfort of your home. One of the inspiring videos you can watch on this platform is the wine tasting of Santorini Assyrtiko with Ted Lelekas. It gives you great insights into the terroir of Santorini.

Now you have learned how to cook Greek delicacies and how to pair your food with delicious wines. It is not a secret that the Greeks love to eat and drink, but when the plates are empty, it’s time to start the party with some good music and dance, especially of the historical and traditional variety.

Sunday Evening – Bouzouki and Nisiotika

Travel to Greece through music.! Every region of this beautiful country has its traditional music style and dance, and we invite you to encounter the form of Bouzouki and Nisiotika as you virtually tour Santorini this weekend from home.

The Bouzouki is a plucked musical instrument that is very popular, especially on the Greek islands. Further,  Nisiotika is the traditional music style of the Aegean islands. Here you can see a good friend of ours playing Nisiotika on the Bouzouki in Santorini. That is, of course, not enough to party and dance all night, unlock this playlist with Greek Music of the islands to dance and have fun Santorini style. Close your eyes, feel the rhythm and you’re in Santorini.

More Virtual Tours of Greece & Santorini Await your Future!

We hope that the weekend of virtual tours of Santorini took you on a fantastic journey to the Greek islands. We invite you to come back again while we are all anxiously awaiting to be able to travel again. Of course, nothing beats the real experience, but we hope our virtual tour of Santorini helped inspire your travel plans for the future and filled you with joy! If you are sitting at home and would like to one day book your vacation in Santorini we would be more than happy to make your dreams come true. Fill in our interactive form for our Tailor-made Santorini private tours and let us take care of the rest.

FAQs about virtual tours of Santorini

What are virtual tours of Santorini?

Virtual tours have become very popular as they give you the opportunity to travel from the screen of your computer. Fun and educational they are the ideal way to spend your free time. There are different forms of virtual tours, a virtual tour of Santorini takes you to a magnificent setting while exploring your senses.

How do you do a virtual tour of Santorini?

For a virtual tour of Santorini or any other virtual tour, you will need a laptop or a desktop computer and of course, a reliable internet connection. Make sure to find a comfortable place so that you can fully enjoy the virtual experience.

How are virtual tours useful?

During a virtual tour, you get inspired while learning. You gain ideas for your summer vacation while staying energized and optimistic. A virtual tour of Greece is the perfect way to escape from reality and travel from the comfort of your home.

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