Kalos-irthate! …which simply means welcome! This is your first Greek lesson!

We use the above Greek term to welcome our guests. To us, it is not just another Greek word. It shows what characterizes the Santorini Experts: We are thrilled to meet you and delighted to spend part of your vacation in Santorini together.

Your second Greek lesson is “siga-siga”, which has several meanings, like “at a slow pace”, “take it easy”, or simply “we do not need to rush”. Keep in mind this is your time now, your vacation, so you’ll enjoy your vacation “siga-siga” if you choose to book a tour with us.

“Apla”, your third Greek lesson, reflects our passion for this little island and the actual Greek values you can still find in Santorini. We aim to show you the famous sites of Santorini and help you gain a more in-depth insight into the locals’ lifestyle, mindset, and traditions.

By sharing personal stories in an amusing and funny way, we will make your tour with Santorini Experts different.

If you are still not convinced, continue reading these lines and imagine you are already in Santorini, traveling with the Santorini Experts, exploring this beautiful, unique island.

We love to share our knowledge and lots of information about various aspects of this fantastic area. Enrich your travel experiences and understanding of this spiritual place, and be an active part of your tour.

Here is to summarize it, kalos-irthate, let’s go siga-siga and let us keep it apla!!

Your journey with Santorini Experts
has just started…

Meet the Santorini Experts Team

Kathrin Vogel

Kathrin Vogel

My name is Kathrin, and I am a SantoriniExpert. I will be your personal assistant during your stay in Santorini.

Although I am German, I have lived in Santorini for more than 20 years now. Work is what brought me here, and love is what made me stay. Not only the love for my family but the love and passion for this island. I still feel a sense of excitement when wandering through the villages, discovering spots off-the beaten-paths, and sharing this experience with guests from all over the world.

Interests: cooking, dancing, traveling, sports, my family

Languages: English, German, Greek

Places I have been: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Cuba, Hungary

Sabine Schulte

Hi, I am Sabine Schulte I finished an apprenticeship as a physician’s assistant, and later I worked in an architectural office. Even though I was born in Germany, my love for Greece was already born at a very young age.

From the first time I had visited this country, I knew that I want to live here someday and when I first stepped on this island 30 years ago the decision about where in Greece to settle was taken.

I loved learning about the volcanic history and the traditions of Santorini and feel great joy in explaining it to our guests. For 18 years now I work as a guide on this very special island and would be glad to meet you someday.

I am a very creative person, I love to read, paint, and craft. And now that my son is all grown up I am active in animal welfare and surround myself with cats and dogs.