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Become a Santorini B2B tour partner

Transform your Santorini travel packages and keep your customers happy by offering authentic, local experiences they will love

Benefits of joining our Santorini B2B tour partner program

Save valuable time and energy

Streamline your research, planning, and coordination by partnering with a reliable tour operator who handles all the details for you. Enjoy the benefits of prompt communication, consistency, and unparalleled expertise, as we have worked with numerous agencies throughout the years.

Santorini b2b tour partner benefits

Grow your revenue and reservations

Expand your services and book more clients by providing unique, first-rate tours. Capitalize on experiences with the Tripadvisor excellent badge, which are the only ones featured in the Santorini Elevate section of Project Expedition.

Set yourself apart from the competition

Create bespoke itineraries with handpicked tours that go beyond exploring the main Santorini attractions, like the Santorini wheelchair-accessible private tour and our virtual tours. Trust our highly knowledgeable guides with over a decade of experience to tailor the perfect tour for any traveler.

Receive positive feedback

Deliver outstanding service that not only creates happy customers but also cultivates a loyal base that returns to you time and again. Boost your reputation and increase leads by offering tours with an average 5.0 rating on prestigious platforms like Tripadvisor, Facebook, and Google.

About Us

Santorini Experts is a well-established provider offering high-end, personalized Santorini tours. With vast travel agency experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we are on a mission to collaborate with the top companies in the tourism industry, so travelers can get an all-embracing experience on the island.

By offering top-notch services and being reliable at all times, we strive to become your B2B partner of choice in Santorini, Greece. Benefit from upgraded travel packages with local insights and unmatched expertise, and increase your online earnings.

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