People in a club enjoying the Santorini nightlife
People in a club enjoying the Santorini nightlife

As twilight descends over the whitewashed cliffs, Santorini transforms, revealing a nightlife that rivals its famed sunsets. From cocktail bars where mixologists craft liquid art to lively clubs pulsating with energy, the island is a vibrant hub ideal for nocturnal adventures.

In this guide, we uncover the after-hours secrets of Santorini, exploring the best spots to sip, dance and revel in the ambiance that makes nights on this Greek island unforgettable.


Best cocktail bars in Santorini

Nestled amidst the stunning backdrop of the Aegean, Santorini’s cocktail bars offer alluring flavors. Let’s discover the ones you should visit if you’re a cocktail lover.


PK Cocktail Bar, Fira

Perched on the Caldera cliffs in a wonderful open-air setting, PK Cocktail Bar is a chic oasis where skilled mixologists concoct luscious elixirs. 

Taste signature creations while relishing uninterrupted views of the volcano and Fira’s twinkling lights.


PK cocktail bar in Santorini - Santorini nightlife


Tropical Bar, Fira

Featuring a fantastic balcony with some of the best sunset views over the caldera, Tropical Bar is a small but classy place for enjoying high-quality cocktails.

Its friendly staff, great music and a wide variety of beverages make it a one-of-a-kind bar, perfect for a chilled chat or a dance.


Fino, Oia

Set in the heart of Oia, Fino is a multi-awarded cocktail restaurant that instantly captivates your heart.

Renowned for its mouthwatering Mediterranean delights, signature cocktails and high level of service, it’s a true gem!

Make your reservation in advance and get prepared to indulge in its warm setting that is unlike any other.


Santorini by night - Santorini nightlife


Most romantic bars in Santorini

Romance in Santorini isn’t confined to its breathtaking sunsets. It gracefully extends into its nightlife, offering intimate settings that invite those in love to linger carefree. 

Here are some of the island’s most enchanting bars where you can share special moments with your other half.


Franco’s Bar, Fira

High above the Caldera, Franco’s is one of the oldest music bars in Fira, standing as a beacon of romantic allure. 

As you ascend the stone steps, you’re welcomed into an outdoor terrace, exuding a charming aura. Apart from its views that create a picturesque canvas for the setting sun, what makes it so distinctive is that it’s the only bar on the island playing solely classical music.

With a fantastic cocktail menu and heavenly Mediterranean dishes that tantalize your palate, a unique evening awaits.


Buddha-Bar Beach, Imerovigli

Nestled in La Maltese Estate, Buddha-Bar Beach boasts sophistication and tranquility. This upscale establishment seamlessly combines the renowned Buddha-Bar concept with the appeal of Santorini’s landscapes.

As you step onto the stylish terrace adorned with plush seating and ambient lighting, the panoramic views of the caldera create an enchanting backdrop. The minimalist yet elegant design enhances the sense of serenity, making it an ideal setting for a romantic evening. 

Soft lounge beats, carefully curated by resident DJs, infuse the air with a cosmopolitan vibe, elevating the overall experience.


Santorini at night


Tango Bar, Fira

Right next to Franco’s, Tango Bar is a fantastic spot for dancing the night away under the stars. 

Being considered among the top places for DJ parties, it has one of the best sunset and volcano views in Santorini.

With a great selection of cocktails and champagne, an evocative atmosphere and funky grooves, it promises to keep you entertained until the early morning hours.


Kira Thira Jazz Bar, Fira

In the heart of Fira, Kira Thira is a small, cozy bar that has been serving drinks to romantic souls since 1976. Even if this doesn’t sound too long ago, it’s the oldest bar on the island.

Perfect for a laidback evening filled with conversations and great music, it’s a place you shouldn’t skip visiting with your partner.

Oh, and if you’re a wine lover, don’t forget to try their homemade sangria. It will surely satisfy your taste buds!


The best Santorini clubs

No matter your preferences, Santorini’s nightlife won’t disappoint you. Immerse yourself in its lively club scene, boasting musical diversity and electrifying energy.


Santorini at night


Enigma Club, Fira

If you’re a fan of electronic and house music, Enigma is the place to go for partying in Santorini.

Housed in a big cave room, it offers a unique clubbing experience with neon lights setting the stage for an unforgettable night out.

From pulsating electronic beats to chart-topping international hits, the DJ lineup plays great music for everyone.


Koo Club, Fira

Renowned as the most famous club in Santorini, Koo is the absolute place for night entertainment.

Located in a 2-story building surrounded by palm trees, it invites you to enjoy a drink at its outdoor bar or surrender to the rhythm on its inside dance floor.

Hosting world-class DJs, it takes pride in organizing some of the best parties on the island. From R&B to electronic and even Greek songs, you’ll surely have a stellar time!


Two Brothers Bar, Fira

Open since 1983, Two Brothers is one of Santorini’s most favorite bars, popular among locals and tourists.

Originally created by 2 brothers, it’s known for its party vibes, upbeat music and extensive selection of cocktails.

If you’re looking for a fun night out in a pub-like setting, this is your go-to club!


Mamounia Club, Fira

Do you want to entertain like a local? Then, you’re going to love Mamounia.

Featuring large indoor and outdoor spaces, it boasts a high level of service, so you can relish extraordinary moments.

Playing mainly Greek music, it’s the ideal spot for dancing until the early morning hours.


Santorini at night


Best beach bars in Santorini

As the sun descends over the azure Aegean Sea, the diverse beach bars promise both relaxation and revelry.

Let’s explore the gems that adorn the iconic shores of Santorini, providing an enticing blend of sand and spirited entertainment.


Tranquilo Beach Bar, Perissa

Famous for its cocktails and chill-out vibes, Tranquilo is located on Perissa Beach in the southeastern part of Santorini.

A highlight worth mentioning is that it serves vegan and vegetarian dishes, ideal for light dining.

Hosting live music shows and Latin parties every now and then, we highly recommend it for a relaxed night out.


Wet Stories Beach Bar, Perivolos

Wet Stories is yet another coastal jewel that stands out for its refined decor, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and incredible parties.

With an all-day bar restaurant serving signature cocktails and delightful dishes, it invites you to relish an upscale beachfront experience.

Bringing together elite DJs every Sunday, it’s perfect for enjoying a fun evening by the sea, listening to waves fusing with dynamic beats.


Jojo Beach Bar, Perivolos

If you want to unwind on a black-sand volcanic beach and then pump up your energy with a pool party, head to JoJo Beach Bar.

Featuring an exotic decoration in earthy colors, it emits luxury and warmth.

Surrender in the tunes of well-known artists who spin the decks, creating an immersive experience unlike any other.


Santorini at night


General tips about Santorini nightlife:

  • Closing times: Bars usually close at 2:30- 3 a.m., while nightclubs stay open until 6, 7, or even 8 a.m. Even though this is a general rule of thumb, the owners adjust the closing times based on the crowds and the vibe. It goes without a doubt that Greeks love to party!
  • Transactions: While most places accept cards, it’s best to always carry some cash with you in case you need it.
  • Transportation: Buses don’t run throughout the night. This means that you’ll either have to get a taxi (if you stay in a village outside of Fira), ride your rental vehicle, or walk the distance to your Fira hotel.
  • Walking around: Avoid wearing stiletto heels, as the streets are cobbled, and you’ll have a hard time walking.


Wrapping it up: Are you ready to experience Santorini at night?

From romantic bars with panoramic views to pulsating clubs, Santorini boasts a vibrant nightlife. 

Whether you seek a leisurely evening sipping cocktails against a striking sunset or a lively night dancing to beats under the starry sky, Santorini has something for you.

So, get ready… The night is young, and the island awaits to charm you!

Pro tip: If you want more information about the island’s gems, book a Santorini day tour and benefit from the recommendations your local guide will give you based on your preferences!


FAQs for Santorini nightlife

Is Santorini a party island?

Even though Mykonos is more renowned for its cosmopolitan parties, Santorini offers plenty of entertainment opportunities at its various bars and clubs. Fira is home to most of them, so be sure to visit it.


Does Santorini have good nightlife?

Apart from its breathtaking landscapes and dazzling sunsets, Santorini has lively nightlife. With a wide range of bars and clubs playing various music genres, you’ll surely find a place that matches your preferences.


Where is the nightlife in Santorini?

Although there are multiple bars scattered across the island, Fira is the central hub for nightlife. 


Is Santorini safe at night?

Yes, Santorini is an overall safe island with a relatively low crime rate. The capital and most villages are well-lit and crowded, so you’ll have no problem walking around even by yourself.


Is there a dress code for Santorini nightlife?

There isn’t a general dress code for your nights out in Santorini. Dress stylishly to fit in with the chic atmosphere of most bars and clubs, avoiding overly casual beachwear.


Is Santorini or Mykonos better for partying?

Renowned for its high-energy night scene with top-tier clubs, Mykonos is the most popular party destination in Greece. So, if you’re planning to dance until the early morning hours, Mykonos is the place to go.


What are the best Greek islands for partying?

  • Mykonos
  • Ios
  • Skiathos
  • Zakynthos
  • Rhodes
  • Crete
  • Paros
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