Semi-private Wine Tour in Santorini

Take a fascinating Wine Tour in Santorini that will leave in your memories for ever!

Navigate through the unique volcanic-soil ecosystem in the descriptive semi-private wine tour in Santorini. Sample the distinct taste of various award-winning wines in personally handpicked estates of the island. Take one of our exploratory Santorini day tours with expert guidance.

  • Price: From €159
  • Meeting Point: Pick-up from accommodation
  • Start Time: 3:00 pm
  • Capacity: Up to 8 participants, for larger groups please send inquiry
  • Language: English
  • Activity Level: Easy
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Available: All year round
  • Journey through 4,000 years of vineyard history in one of our best Santorini small group tours.
  • Capture the essence of local winemaking with exploratory guidance through every stage of the Santorini wine tour.
  • Value the best wines of the Cycladic island, tasting and pairing each one with the perfect food.
  • Grasp the beautiful Cycladic island’s viticulture on a sumptuous tour like no other.
  • Taste local wines, like the famous Assyrtiko, in a local winery while learning interesting winemaking facts.
  • Learn all about the traditional “kouloura” method used in the Santorini winemaking process.

Start your mouthwatering adventure

Antiquity is where it all began, and winemaking is no exception. Thus, an ancient vineyard is our first stop. Learn all about the volcano and everything else that played a crucial role in what we know now as Santorinian wine.

Explore the Underground Cave Winery

The old winery holds a lot of secrets and methods regarding Santorinian wine. The underground cave winery, Hatzidakis, is an exciting experience with many local varieties to choose from. Let the wine professionals take you on a historical journey through the Wine Museum and explain thousands of years of evolution to you. Enjoy a complete wine tasting and pairing.

Take a Tour around Estate Avantis

The Avantis winery offers a great selection and welcomes everyone to try their very best and pair food with their locally produced wine. Discover just how good wine produced in Santorini is. Taste exquisite wines, partake in an exciting guided tour and take the memory of quality wine back home with you.

Join a tour with selected local wineries that feature charming premises – outdoor or underground, and years of experience. Learn the basics and the details of a volcanic wine glass. Meander through the ancient vineyard and discover the Assyrtiko winemaking history.

Learn all about the Assyrtiko winemaking process, including the “kouloura” (basket) method, from a wine expert. Expand your knowledge on wine, gaining some intriguing insights on the grape varieties of Santorini, the traditional methods, and the soil quality following the famous volcano.

Peruse the wine selection and delights from the Greek tradition according to each particular taste, and see firsthand how local products complement excellent wines. Explore the underground cave wineries and family-held estates following an in-depth wine touring and tasting procedure.

Visit exclusive wineries and indulge in food and wine pairings in an educational experience. Pair distinct wine flavors with local bites that complement each one, and take that knowledge back home to delight your dinner guests. Satisfy your passion for wine with the guided wine-tasting tour in Santorini.




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