Santorini caldera view with a cruise ship in the background
Santorini caldera view with a cruise ship in the background

Welcome to Santorini, where azure waters meet iconic whitewashed buildings, creating a treat for your eyes. With just 48 hours to capture the essence of this Cycladic gem, careful planning is the key to exploring the treasures scattered across its picturesque landscapes. 

In this well-crafted guide, we invite you to immerse yourself in the island’s beauty, from the spellbinding caldera sunsets to the ancient allure of Akrotiri. Join us as we navigate the best options to make the most of your brief 2 days in Santorini.


What to do in Santorini in 2 days

Santorini boasts a wide variety of things to do, making it an exciting destination for history enthusiasts, wine aficionados and nature lovers. Let’s uncover the top among them so you can enjoy a delightful holiday experience!


Santorini itinerary day 1: Be fascinated by the charm of Santorini villages

Start with a scenic hike from Fira to Oia


Fira to Oia hike


After a hearty breakfast, begin your day with a caldera walking tour, absorbing the mesmerizing sceneries that unfold along the way. 

This famous Santorini trail spans approximately 6.5 miles up the coast, offering breathtaking views of the caldera, traditional architecture and the deep blue Aegean Sea. 

Take time to relish the panoramic vistas with each step in a 4-hour journey, depending on your pace.

Santorini Experts tip: Wear comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat, and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated!


Explore the postcard-perfect Oia


The blue domes of Oia in a virtual first Impressions of Santorini


Upon arriving in Oia, you enter a traditional Cycladic village adorned with blue-domed churches, cascading bougainvillea and cute little shops. 

Wander through the narrow cobblestone alleys, uncover beautiful art galleries and consider visiting the Maritime Museum to delve into the island’s seafaring history. 

Enjoy the exploration of Oia’s distinct allure, knowing each corner unveils a photography-worthy gem.


Savor a delicious lunch at Ammoudi Bay


Ammoudi port in Santorini


After all the above exciting activities, we reckon you’ll be hungry. So, for a lovely midday break, head to Ammoudi Bay, a quaint small port nestled beneath Oia. 

There, you can revel in splendid fresh seafood at one of the beachfront taverns, surrounded by sparkling waters. The bay offers a serene escape, allowing you to recharge before the next leg of your Santorini adventure.


Go on with your village-hopping to Imerovigli and Pyrgos


Colorful shop in Pyrgos, Santorini


Continue your exploration by uncovering the unique beauty of Imerovigli and Pyrgos.

Imerovigli, often called the “Balcony of the Aegean,” boasts panoramic views and a tranquil, romantic atmosphere. With iconic blue-domed churches and Skaros Rock featuring the remnants of an old fortress, it’s a village worth adding to your itinerary.

Additionally, Pyrgos is yet another jewel embellishing the island. Meander through its charming streets, discover the imposing Venetian castle and soak in the authenticity of this less-touristed Santorini village.


Have dinner with a sunset view in Fira


Sunset in Fira, Santorini


As the day winds down, head to Fira, Santorini’s bustling capital. Choose a cliffside restaurant to indulge in a delicious dinner while watching the awe-inspiring sunset over the caldera. 

Let the warm hues of the sky create a magical ambiance, marking the end of a day filled with unforgettable moments.

Or not… Because if you’re in for a fun night, Fira is the place to be! Since it’s home to many bars and clubs that play music till the early morning hours, prepare to dance the night away with a cocktail on hand!


Santorini itinerary day 2: Witness the volcanic magic of the island

Go on a wine tasting in refined vineyards


Santorini winery


If you want to learn everything about the island’s viticulture, opt for a Santorini wine tasting session. 

Immerse yourself in the distinct winemaking traditions and sample the exquisite indigenous wines amidst scenic surroundings. 

Each sip tells a story of the volcanic soil and unique climate, creating a sensory journey unlike no other. This experience is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Santorini!


Alternatively, explore the archaeological site of Akrotiri 


Akrotiri's archaeological remains in Santorini is an accessible tourist attraction.


If you’re not a wine lover, start your day with a visit to the ancient settlement of Akrotiri.

Delve into the well-preserved Minoan ruins and unravel their nearly 4000-year-old mysteries. Wander through the excavated streets, marvel at the advanced infrastructure and gain insights into the daily life of the once-flourishing civilization. 

Akrotiri offers a captivating blend of history and discovery, making it an ideal choice for those fascinated by the island’s rich cultural heritage.


Indulge in an afternoon beach retreat in Perissa or Vlychada


Vlychada beach


As the day progresses, embrace the leisurely atmosphere of Santorini’s beautiful beaches. 

Go to Perissa, known for its black sand and vibrant beachfront, or Vlychada, which offers a more secluded escape. Unwind under the warm sun, take refreshing dips in the crystalline waters and relish the beauty of these coastal havens. 

This afternoon interlude provides a perfect balance to your island exploration. So, make sure not to skip it. Besides, your Santorini holidays wouldn’t be complete without a swim at its volcanic beaches!


Witness the world-famous Santorini sunset with a sunset cruise



What to do in Santorini? A sunset cruise


For the grand finale of your 2-day adventure, set sail on a Santorini sunset cruise. Hop on a luxurious yacht and let the evening unfold as you explore some of the most fascinating landmarks on the island. 

Cruise along the caldera’s azure waters and be astonished by the dramatic seaside gems like the Red and White Beach. 

Finally, relish a delectable dinner on board and experience the magic of Santorini’s sunset from the sea—a fitting end to your enchanting island getaway.


How to get to Santorini

As Santorini is one of the biggest and most popular Greek islands, you can reach it in many ways. Let’s explore a few of them.


Flights to Santorini

Santorini has a small airport welcoming many flights from Greek and international destinations. If you’re traveling from the USA, many connecting flights can take you to the island. 

On the other hand, if you’re traveling from Europe’s biggest cities, chances are that direct flights might exist. So, be sure to check this out. Alternatively, you can get to Athens and then directly fly to Santorini.


Ferry to Santorini

There are ferry crossings from many Greek ports to Santorini. In short, you can take a ferry from Piraeus port, Crete or other nearby islands.

You can read more about all the potential travel choices on our dedicated guide, “How to get to Santorini”.


Where to stay in Santorini



Choosing the right accommodation is crucial for a smooth 2-day Santorini stay. The island offers a diverse range of options, from luxurious cliffside villas to cozy boutique hotels. Here are some recommendations.

  • Deluxe retreats in Oia: For an iconic Santorini experience, consider staying in the picturesque village of Oia. There, luxurious hotels perched on the volcanic cliffs provide unobstructed views of the caldera. 
  • Intimate seclusion in Imerovigli: Nestled between Fira and Oia, Imerovigli offers a tranquil ambiance with breathtaking caldera vistas. It’s perfect for a romantic escape with your loved one.
  • Central convenience in Fira: As the lively capital of Santorini, Fira provides an ideal location with easy access to shops, restaurants and nightlife. Opt for hotels with panoramic views of the caldera or those situated close to the vibrant town center.
  • Authentic charm in Pyrgos: Escape the crowds and enjoy the genuine enchantment of Pyrgos. Choose boutique hotels or charming guesthouses for a cozy and immersive experience. 

Santorini Experts tip: Remember to book your accommodation well in advance, especially during the high season, to secure the best options that align with your preferences.


How to get around Santorini

The island offers several ways to get around, which we briefly refer to below. 

(*For a more in-depth analysis, read our thorough guide on getting around Santorini).

  1. Rent a scooter or a car: One of the most popular and flexible options for exploring Santorini is renting a vehicle. This way, you’ll have the freedom to navigate through the villages and reach more remote destinations.
  2. Use public transportation: Santorini has a reliable and cost-effective public transportation system consisting of buses. The central bus station is located in Fira, making it easy to travel to various destinations on the island.
  3. Choose taxi services: Taxis are available throughout Santorini and are a convenient means of transportation, especially if you prefer a direct journey. Remember that they can be in high demand during peak hours or in high season, so book in advance.
  4. Take guided tours: Such tours are great for experiencing Santorini without worrying about transportation logistics. With pickups from your accommodation and a curated itinerary, they ensure a seamless exploration of the island’s highlights.


Wrapping up, here is the ultimate tip for making the most of your trip

As your exhilarating 2 days in Santorini are approaching, you’ll find yourself creating memories filled with natural beauty, cultural charm and the Aegean’s embrace. 

But since your stay will be brief, you must squeeze every minute out of it. And the best way to do that is by opting for your favorite Santorini day tours, which will save you lots of precious time!

So, until we greet you on our island, antio (meaning goodbye)!



FAQs about your 2 days in Santorini

How many days in Santorini?

3-5 days is the best length for your Santorini vacation, giving you plenty of time to explore its treasures without feeling rushed.


Which is better, Mykonos or Santorini?

Both Cycladic islands are enchanting, yet each boasts a different allure. Santorini is mainly known for its romantic ambiance, breathtaking sunsets and volcanic landscapes. On the other hand, Mykonos is all about sandy beaches and lively parties. So, the final choice comes down solely to your own unique preferences.


Is it worth going to both Mykonos and Santorini?

Yes! If your Greek holidays include island hopping to the Cyclades, both islands should be on your itinerary. Yet, before booking your tickets, learn more about them to ensure that your tastes match their vibes.

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