Best Tours in Santorini
Best Tours in Santorini

Are you eagerly awaiting your Santorini holiday? Do you dream of an equally relaxing and immersive holiday experience? Santorini is bursting with tours and activities that are both exclusive and off the beaten path, as well as some classic must-do experiences.

From laidback sailing tours to heart-pounding hiking tours and wine tours, there is something for everyone. Learn all about the best tours in Santorini to create a holiday to remember forever.


Santorini Must Tours

There are certain things about Santorini that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Among some of the best tours in Santorini are things you must do for the classic Santorinian experience. From Santorini sailing tours to guided walks centered around the sunset, enjoy delightful insider experiences!


Hit the Trails on Walking Tours

Santorini day tours are not complete without exploration on foot. The island’s divine nature begs its visitors to explore its wildflower-laden pathways along the coast and experience its unique beauty.

Learn all about the unique geological makeup of Santorini, from its staggering jagged cliffs to its volcanic soil, on a First Impressions Santorini day tour, one of the best Santorini tours imaginable to get out and stretch your legs all over the island. Due to the uneven paths, make sure you wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of protection from the sun, including a hat, sunscreen, and a long-sleeved shirt.


One of the best tours in Santorini is a walking tour through Imerovigli


Be in Awe During Sunset Tours

The world-famous Santorini sunset is as spectacular as you’ve seen it in photographs, and some of the best tours in Santorini revolve around it. Whether you opt for a group walking tour to the best picture spots in Oia or embark on an unparalleled Santorini sunset cruise, there’s no wrong way to watch the sunset!

If you simply cannot wait to watch the Santorini sunset, a Santorini live sunset virtual tour is an excellent option. Learn about the uniqueness of Santorini and watch pinks, oranges, and yellows burst into the sky from the comfort of your home.


Sunset tours in Santorini for romantic couples


Set Out into Open Waters on Sailing Tours

If Greece had to pick her most blessed feature, it would undoubtedly be the Aegean Sea, and Santorini sailing tours take advantage of it in all its glory! Set sail on a captivating Santorini day cruise, where you can opt for the invigorating half-day morning sailing cruise for optimal sunshine, the romantic sunset cruise, or even a pirate full-day cruise.

Regardless of the time of day or duration, stops typically include Mesa Pigadia for snorkeling and the hot springs for some serious therapeutic rejuvenation. Enjoy homemade local delicacies and refreshing beverages onboard throughout the cruise’s duration. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the lap of luxury at sea!


Santorini Sailing Tours every morning


Santorini Adventure Tours

When you think of Santorini, you might automatically think of lounging at the beach or high-end boutique shopping. But did you know that it’s a highly active island and some of the best tours in Santorini revolve around adventurous outings? Read on to learn more!


Find the Best Views on Hiking Tours

For access to the best views of Santorini, embarking on a thrilling hiking tour is an absolute must! Most

Like the caldera walking tour from Fira to Oia, Santorini day tours hit the classic 7-mile hiking trail between the two picturesque villages. It’s like a hiking and caldera tour all in one as you explore the fascinating and cataclysmic volcanic history of Santorini. Along the way, snap pictures of blooming wildflowers, the incredible views over the Aegean, and the blue-domed churches that dot the coastline.

Upon reaching Oia, be amazed by the classic Cycladic architecture. During a Santorini day tour as such, do not forget sunscreen, protective clothing from the sun, sturdy shoes, and plenty of water.


best day tours in santorini are hiking tours


Explore the Aegean Sea on Kayak Tours

If you’re ready to get your heart rate up, look no further than a Santorini sea kayak experience. The Aegean’s calm, steady waters are ideal for a relaxing day of equal parts exploration and water sport. An organized kayak tour is one of the best Santorini day tours if you’re looking to see many angles of the iconic island as you cruise up and down the coastline.

Most kayak tours are between 3-4 hours long, which allows you enough time to snorkel and paddle towards famous spots like Red and White Beaches. Be well equipped for the harsh sun, including bringing a hat, long-sleeved shirt, sunscreen, and water bottle.


kayaking the south coast is one of the best santorini tours


Discover Unique Geological Landscapes on Volcano Tours

Santorini’s volcano is what makes it different from most Greek islands, and its devastating eruption from millennia ago ultimately shaped the island and its unique geological makeup. Today, caldera tours are a popular way to learn more about this fascinating side of Santorini.

Experience the volcano on a hiking tour, or set sail on a Greece half-day boat tour in Santorini and discover geological results from the volcano, such as the hot springs and Black Beach.

Another result of the volcanic eruption is nearby islands, and during a Thirassia Day Trip from Santorini, you can learn all about the volcano. Visit the virgin island and its 500 inhabitants, enjoy a delicious seafood lunch, and appreciate its unique volcanic landscape.


Explore Thirassia to take part in the best day tours in Santorini


Santorini Cultural Tours

Santorini’s culture is a mixture of traditional Greek with a twist from its maritime past. There are many excellent day tours in Santorini, allowing you to explore all sides of the island’s unique history and captivating culture.


Feel Serene with Churches Tours

Santorini’s ubiquitous blue-domed churches are a treat to the eyes. But the island’s deep religious roots and over 650 churches have ties to beautiful churches all over the island, including out in more rural settings. Visit a unique cave church and villages brimming with traditional churches during a countryside private tour in Santorini and behold fascinating stories.

Most tours require some walking, especially the ones out in the country, so sturdy shoes are recommended. In general, church tours last around four hours, and all are under the direction of a knowledgeable guide.


Santorini Experts Tip: Learn all about Santorini’s oldest church, Panagia Episkopi, before embarking on an immersive Santorini day tour to the island’s churches.


choose santorini private tours to explore the island in your own pace


Learn Interesting Tales on History Tours

Santorini’s history dates back millennia when it was home to the supremely triumphant and advanced Minoan civilization before it was wiped out by the catastrophic volcanic eruption in 1600 BC. But did you know that Santorini’s storied history also includes Venetian and Ottoman rule?

Learn all about this and more in one of the most immersive day tours on Santorini island during a historical tour. Visit Venetian castles or inquire about the archaeological site of Akrotiri, where the Minoan civilization was buried and preserved during a Tailor-Made Santorini Private Tour.

All historical tours are under the guidance of expert and knowledgeable guides, and most take place in the morning before the sun becomes too intense.


Visit the archeological site of Akrotiri with a santorini private tour


Be Inspired During Architecture Tours

While stark white buildings with their blue domes are typical characteristics of the island, many of Santorini’s homes are built low to the ground or are even cave homes due to the high chance of earthquakes on the island. Learn facts like this and more during our enticing Santorini private tours, and travel around the island with an expert guide to view amazing and diverse homes and buildings.

Architecture tours are among the best tours in Santorini to learn about the island’s extensive history while also covering the significant ground. As a bonus, discover Santorini’s famed architecture from home during a delightful First Impressions Santorini Virtual Tour and admire traditional homes and Venetian structures from your couch.


Santorini Epicurean Tours

No vacation is complete without indulging in local delicacies. From Santorini private tours to group tours, get ready to partake in some of the most mouthwatering culinary experiences and best wine tours in Santorini to learn delicious insider tips to take back home with you.


Master New Recipes with Cooking Classes

The Greek diet is known the world over for its use of local ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Opt for a Santorini Cooking Class and become fully immersed in the local way of cooking from a culinary expert on a local farm.

If you’re eager to learn some classic recipes from an expert, such as shrimp saganaki, tomato balls, and moussaka, opt for an Exclusive Cooking Class in Santorini. Most cooking classes last around 4 hours, ensuring plenty of time to visit farms to pick local crops before heading to a quaint yet fully stocked kitchen to whip up a delicious meal with delicious Santorini ingredients.

Santorini Experts Tip: Can’t wait until your Santorini cooking class to eat authentic Greek food? Check out our Santorini tomato fritters recipe to make at home easily.


Santorini Food tours and cooking classes to gain insights in the local tastes


Cheers with Friends on Wine Tours

If you fancy yourself a wine enthusiast, you’re coming to the right island! Santorini is brimming with immersive wine tours where you can learn all about the island’s unique geological soil from the volcano and how it is perfectly conducive to concocting excellent wine.

The best wine tours, like this Private Santorini wine tasting, take you to the various lush vineyards and beautiful wineries, all under the guidance of an expert.

If you’re eagerly awaiting your Santorini vacation, enjoy a Live Virtual Santorini Wine Tour from the comfort of your home and discover the exciting world of enology while partaking in a tasting experience and how to pair wines with certain foods.


bottle your own wine on the best wine tour in santorini


Become a Culinary Expert with Food & Wine Tours

One of the most delectable day tours in Santorini, Greece is anything involving fresh local ingredients and the crisp wines that should be enjoyed with them.

Many food & wine tours, like the Wine Tour in Santorini Paired with Gourmet Food, head on out to the Santorini countryside to visit rural farms to taste test Santorian classics such as cherry tomatoes, white eggplants, and fava beans, as well as some of the best wineries.

If you want to send a thoughtful gift, our box with Santorini souvenirs featuring Vinsanto, hand-picked thyme, and plump Santorini capers is perfect!


Cook your own meal in our santorini food tour


Santorini Trendy Tours

Feel like a fabulous jetsetter as you embark on some of the best tours in Santorini for a trendy holiday. Engage in fascinating tours whether they take you to the skies, or keep you firmly planted on the ground.


Reach New Heights on Heli Tours

Get ready to take flight on one of Greece’s exhilarating adventures on a helicopter tour to experience a fantastic bird’s eye view of Santorini from above. Increasingly popular day tours on Santorini island include a Private Helicopter Flight in Santorini. See the island in a way you could never imagine during a thrilling aerial tour.

Most tours last between 20 minutes to an hour, allowing enough time to spot electric Red Beach, the unique shape of Thirassia island, and the stunning jagged coastline. Passports are required for booking, and don’t forget to bring your camera!


explore the island on our helicopter caldera tours


Capture Unforgettable Memories on Photo Tours

This Greek island might just be the most picturesque place in the Mediterranean, so a private Santorini photo tour is always a good idea! Grab your camera and explore every nook and cranny of the island while snapping pictures along the way.

From iconic blue-domed churches in Oia to bougainvillea flowers that wrap themselves around door frames,  to excellent rural scenery that looks out onto the endless horizon, an expert photographer guides you through one of the best tours in Santorini. Opt for a daytime photo session or at sunset to capture the amazing rays as the sun goes down.


photography tours are the best tours in santorini to capture the beauty


Visit Santorini from Home with Virtual Tours

If you simply cannot wait to explore the magnetic charms of the island, virtual tours are a great option to cure your wanderlust. Learn from a culinary expert during a Live Santorini Virtual Cooking Class Experience, or even watch in awe as you view the world-famous sunset during a Santorini Live Sunset Virtual Walking Tour from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to scope out what you want to see and do once you’ve made it to the island. Meet new people, learn new skills, and enjoy an insider’s perspective on some of the best tours in Santorini all through your laptop or phone.


the newest santorini private tours are virtual tours to explore from your home


Santorini Specialty Tours

The availability of specialty tours in Santorini is growing, and they cater to the needs of a wide array of demographics. Engage in specialty group and private tours in Santorini, Greece for a holiday that everyone can enjoy.


Take it Easy During Senior Tours

Santorini’s beauty should be accessible to everyone, even though the terrain can make it a tricky island to navigate. Senior Tours in Santorini take into consideration the level of walking and how strenuous an activity is so that no traveler feels pressured or left behind.

From relaxing walks through the charming streets of Oia, or something from home like a Live Santorini Virtual Cooking Class. Especially when physically on the island, day tours in Santorini, Greece for senior travelers consider all the necessary details for a comfortable and enjoyable day of exploration.


Discover Something for Everyone on Family-friendly Tours

Every member of the family, no matter how young, deserves to have a great holiday in Santorini.

Some of the most popular family-friendly tours include Santorini sailing tours and adventurous sea tours such as a sea kayak experience.

With endless possibilities for family-friendly activities, you’re sure to find the perfect day of fun for you and your family.


the best tours to discover santorini with children are private tours in santorini


Keep it Tight Knit on Small-Group Tours

Traveling with like-minded people is one of the great pleasures of a vacation. With small-group tours in Santorini, join a group of 8-16 people for a day of harmonious adventure.

Popular small group tours include a sunset sailing cruise, or a semi-private wine tour in Santorini for a delicious day at a winery. There are expert guides in Santorini who have endless specialties and skills, making small group tours among some of the best tours in Santorini.


if you want to go with a small group choose the best wine tour in santorini


Santorini Exclusive Tours

Exclusivity is what many travelers to Santorini are in search of. Partake in a variety of unforgettable and special experiences.


Create your Own Agenda with Tailor-Made Tours

With a variety of Tailor-Made Santorini Private Tours, you are privy to discovering spots that many tourists never think to visit. Opt for a tour of the castles such as Callisti’s Castle in Pyrgos, which dates back to 1580, or the Castle of Skaros in Imerovigli.

Additionally, explore lesser-known villages on a countryside private tour, which takes you off the beaten path. Explore everything from the vineyards in Emporio, to the windmills of Vlychada.

Many Santorini tour agencies see the value of designing tours, especially for individual needs and wishes, so it’s an excellent opportunity to take advantage of such.


visit the Red Beach in our Tailor Made private tours in santorini


Expect the Best on Santorini Private Tours

Santorini’s exclusive nature means that private tours have become increasingly popular in recent years. Private tours in Santorini, Greece are perfect for couples, groups of friends, or even a family, especially since you and your group are the primary focus of your tour guides.

For excellent island exploration, head out on a Santorini panorama tour to discover quaint villages, organic farms, and the best beaches with your private guide.

There are also private cooking tours, helicopter flights, and, of course, luxury sailing tours. Perfectly catered to your needs and desired duration, many tour agencies offer private tours in Santorini, Greece as an alternative to more crowded tours.


we take you to the places of your interest with the best santorini private tours


Have a Romantic Day with Honeymoon Tours

Regarded as one of the most romantic places on earth, evening and day tours in Santorini, Greece, are ideal for newlyweds. Set sail on a romantic Santorini day cruise along the caldera,  or learn to make recipes sure to be on dinner rotations back home in a private Santorini cooking class with local ingredients.

Discover what makes Santorini regarded as one of the most romantic places on earth during a Private Intimate Panoramic Santorini Tour and explore Venetian castles, Oia’s charms, and a trip to a romantic winery.  Ask a tour agency for advice on where to find the most romantic spots on the island for unbeatable pictures and unforgettable experiences.


romantic couple private tours in santorini visit famous spots in Oia


Things to know before booking the best tours in Santorini

Before booking a tour in Santorini, there are some considerations that should be taken into account to ensure an excellent day of adventure and an unforgettable holiday experience.

  1. In general, consider booking with plenty of advanced notice to ensure there are enough open spots for you and your entire party, and that you are well-equipped for your outing.
  2. Check the local weather forecast. While some day tours in Santorini are not weather-dependent, like indoor wine tours, others like sailing or walking tours certainly are.
  3. Know how much physical activity you want. For example, hiking tours are strenuous. If you want something relaxing, opt for an outing with minimal walking like a cooking class.
  4. Be aligned with you and your travel partners’ needs and wishes. Do not commit to a full-day outing if you are trying to fit many activities into a small time frame.


don't miss the panoramic views on the best santorini tours


Best Santorini Tours for every traveler

You could spend a lifetime touring around Santorini and never get bored. Highly immersive and under the direction of experienced and expert guides, evening and day tours on Santorini island have something for everyone. If you’re ready to create a holiday experience with exciting tours perfect for your needs and wishes, then meet the Santorini Experts so we can book the best tours in Santorini for you!


FAQs for planning an itinerary around the best tours in Santorini

What should I not miss in Santorini?

Spending time in Oia is a must for most tourists. However, wineries in the rural countryside, traditional small villages down the coast, and secluded beaches are favorites for visitors too and are explored during some of the best Santorini day tours.

How many days do you need to explore Santorini?

You need a minimum of 3 days to properly explore Santorini. Many of the best Santorini tours visit nearly every corner of the island, from Oia in the north to Vlychada Beach in the south. Since most tours are at least 4 hours long, you need plenty of time to cover sufficient ground.

What is the best month to visit Santorini?

June – August are the most visited months in Santorini because of its classic Greek weather. Still, April-May and September-November are also lovely and a great opportunity to partake in some of the best tours in Santorini with minimal crowds.

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