Sailing in Santorini: All you need to know before booking the optimal Santorini sailing tour experience
Sailing in Santorini: All you need to know before booking the optimal Santorini sailing tour experience

Are you dreaming of sailing in Santorini during your holidays in Greece but have some lingering questions about logistics and safety?

It is common to have many questions before one of the Santorini sailing tours, and the more knowledgeable you are, the more likely you are to enjoy the experience in all of its glory.

Learning some of the most important things to keep in mind before hitting the water is the key to a safe, enjoyable sailing experience. Read on to learn what to expect before setting sail, as well as the best things to keep in mind during your Santorini sailing experience, for an absolutely unforgettable day at sea.

Questions to ask before your Santorini sailing tour

Asking insightful questions before booking a sailing tour in Santorini makes all the difference in having a truly fulfilling Santorini sailing outing. Assembled below are some of the most commonly asked questions, as well as those that provide some vital information for a guaranteed incredible sailing experience.

What are the different tours available for sailing in Santorini?

Half-day morning sailing tour

For those who simply cannot resist Greek sunshine at its most vibrant, a Santorini day cruise is the ideal option. Beginning around 9:30 a.m., it is the best way to start the day while exploring the beauty of the island, and it is especially perfect for anyone who wants to swim at various beach stops when the sun is shining.

Often recommended for families with children, a half-day sailing expedition is one of those Santorini day tours that should not be missed when seeking a fantastic daytime experience.


Santorini day cruise


Half-day sunset sailing tour

A sailing tour that has always been one of the most sought-after is the Santorini sunset cruise in Caldera. Romantic and perfect for couples, the Santorini sunset caldera cruise is truly an unforgettable experience.

As the sun begins to descend, the boat is anchored in an ideal position at the base of the caldera to watch the world’s most spectacular sunset. Along with a homemade dinner onboard featuring local favorites such as tomato fritters, fava, Greek salad, and more, life doesn’t get much better than a sunset sailing cruise!


Santorini sunset cruise in Caldera on a Luxury Yacht


Full-day private sailing tour

The Full-Day Private Santorini Sailing Day Tour is ideal for anyone who desires the very best of luxury at sea. Step aboard the spacious yacht in the morning for upwards of 9 hours at sea to celebrate events such as a bachelorette party, a honeymoon outing with your loved one, or just to celebrate your Grecian holiday with close friends.

The highlight of a private tour is that throughout the day, you have total privacy as well as unwavering attention from the crew. With Santorini private tours, create an agenda tailored to your desires while enjoying delicious food and refreshing drinks throughout the day.



What is the best boat for Santorini sailing?

Preferences for sailboats are subjective and vary depending on who you ask. However, the classic sailing in Santorini experience is predominantly on a monohull luxury yacht, which can be explained for a number of reasons.

Monohulls are sleek and fast and work harmoniously with the wind and sea current instead of fighting them, which is ideal in a place like Santorini since it can get windy, especially in the summer. Additionally, monohulls are preferred among “sailing purists” who say being on one feels like a much more authentic sailing experience than those that take place on a catamaran or motor yacht.


Monohull Luxury Yacht when Sailing in Santorini


What essentials should I pack for sailing in Santorini?

Though it is not advisable to bring unnecessary items that take up space and are a hassle to keep track of, packing the proper essentials makes for a highly pleasant experience.

There are some differences in what to pack depending on whether you opt for a Santorini day tour or a sunset tour. However, there are some items that should be included regardless of the time of day or duration of a Santorini sailing tour. Essential items to pack include:

  • Comfortable shoes & clothes that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, long-sleeved shirt, and any other sun protection
  • Dark-colored swimsuit, especially if you want to swim in the hot springs
  • Sweater or sweatshirt for when the sun goes down or a particularly windy day
  • Change of clothes, particularly if you plan to go out after returning to the port


A woman enjoying the sunset on a Sunset Sailing in Santorini

How does the weather affect a Santorini boat tour?

The weather undoubtedly has an effect on Santorini tours, whether on land or sea. Sturdy monohull yachts can withstand robust winds and choppy waves, but an experienced crew knows when to cancel a day at sea due to inclement weather.

Check the weather in the days leading up to your sailing trip in order to reschedule and plan for an indoor activity like a Santorini wine tasting or a Santorini cooking class with local ingredients if necessary. Even if the weather is safe enough to set sail, if you are prone to seasickness, then a day with rough waters due to high wind may be best to be rescheduled.


How do I reach the port for a Santorini boat tour?

The majority of sailing in Santorini tours offer fully comprehensive packages, which include transfers to and from your hotel to the correct port when booked in advance.

However, most tours begin at the Port of Akrotiri, so another option is to spend time before or after a Santorini sailing day tour in the area and visit the Akrotiri, one of Europe’s most significant archaeological sites, whereby reaching the port on time is a responsibility you take on yourself.



Advice to follow during the Santorini sailing tour for a great time

Even once you’re fully booked for your luxury Santorini tour of sailing the beautiful Aegean, there are some things to keep in mind upon arrival day of. Upon stepping aboard, take a look around the yacht and be prepared to be fully immersed in the experience for an optimal day at sea. For a fantastic outing during one of the best tours in Santorini, heed in mind the following advice.


Safety check when Sailing in Santorini


Familiarize yourself with your Santorini sailing captain, crew, and boat

Upon arrival on your luxury yacht, it is a smart idea to familiarize yourself with the layout of the boat as well as spend some time speaking with the captain and crew, especially if you have any lingering questions or concerns.

Being well-acquainted with the layout of the vessel means you can act quickly and efficiently in case of an emergency. Though sailing in Santorini is usually very safe, it is still advisable to be as well-prepared as possible.

Follow Santorini sailing safety guidelines

For a safe and all-around comfortable day at sea, following safety guidelines that are set forth by the captain and crew is essential. Safety measures not only keep passengers safe but they assist in keeping operations running smoothly and in a timely manner. Some safety measures to keep in mind that are implemented by all crews while sailing in Santorini are to:

  • Remove shoes once onboard. This helps to reduce the chances of slipping in case there are any wet spots and provides greater traction than wearing rubber flip-flops.
  • Wear a lifejacket when the captain or crew announces to do so. Even the most experienced swimmers could face risks if the water turns turbulent.
  • Avoid hanging off over the edge. The ambient Aegean waters can get rough at times, and falling in while traveling at a fast speed is dangerous.


Safety check on a Sunset Cruise in Santorini


Take advantage of Santorini sailing tour experiences

Whether in the evening or for a Santorini day tour sailing outing, the experiences offered are part of what makes the day so special. Besides having amazing views of the staggering caldera from beneath or having a prime seat for the sunset, a sailing tour in Santorini provides the opportunity for a bevy of one-of-a-kind experiences during a condensed outing.

While on a sailing tour, it is the ideal time to take advantage of such experiences and appreciate the speedy shuttle from one excellent destination to another. Some of the prime experiences during a sailing trip are:

  • Snorkeling in crystalline waters while anchored on a secluded beach
  • Taking pictures of Red and White Beaches’ unique geological formations
  • Plunging into the therapeutic waters of the hot springs with their holistic remedies
  • Grabbing an underwater camera to capture the vibrant life in crystal clear waters


Snorkeling and Diving on a Sailing Cruise in Santorini


Be camera-ready while sailing in Santorini

Be well prepared to see some spectacular sights while on your Santorini tour at sea. Have your camera fully charged and by your side throughout the day so you are ready at a moment’s notice to capture pictures of beautiful coastlines, secluded beaches, and the stunning caldera from beneath.

Especially if you’re on a Santorini sunset caldera cruise, you do not want to miss a moment of the world-famous sunset as it illuminates the sky in dramatic colors. There is even a chance to see dolphins during your sailing cruise, so be ready with your camera before they swim away!


Sail past the Red Beach on a Sailing cruise in Santorini


Bring your appetite on a Santorini sailing tour

It’s hard to beat a homemade classic Greek meal, even on an island brimming with highly acclaimed restaurants. As such, it is highly recommended to come aboard a Santorini boat tour with a full appetite to completely immerse yourself in an authentic Greek dining experience.

Offered onboard are Greek classics such as fava, tomato fritters, and pastitsio, Greece’s version of lasagna, and many other local favorites. For a truly undisputed Greek meal that is the “real deal” and full of flavor and passion, it’s hard to beat a meal aboard a sailing tour.

How to book a perfect sailing in Santorini experience

Spending a morning, evening, or full day at sea is one of the most spectacular things to do in Santorini. The calm and crystal clear waters, the warm sea breeze, the delicious meal on board, and the exciting experiences like snorkeling and swimming are just some of the highlights of a sailing outing.

The more well-prepared and knowledgeable you are before setting sail, the better the experience. So, if you’re ready for the sailing adventure of a lifetime, wait no more!


Explore the Caldera of Santorini on a Sailing Tour


FAQs for sailing in Santorini

How long is the charter season in Greece?

The charter season in Greece lasts from March until November. Santorini sailing takes place throughout these months but is most popular during the summer, so it is wise to book a sailing tour from June to August with plenty of time.


Is it worth doing a boat trip from Santorini?

Yes, a boat trip from Santorini is definitely worth it and is one of the highlights you should not skip doing while on the island. Santorini sailing tours offer a unique perspective of the island’s stunning natural beauty and provide a memorable experience. From exploring the caldera up close to watching the magical sunset away from the crowds, it is an adventure you must tick off your bucket list.


What are the Santorini yacht cruise prices?

Santorini yacht cruise prices can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of yacht or boat, the duration of the cruise, the number of passengers, and the specific services or amenities included. They usually start at around 60-100€ and can go up to several thousand euros for a high-end, luxury experience. You can check out more about our available Santorini sailing tours here.


Is the sea warm in Santorini?

Especially during the summer months, the sea in Santorini is quite warm and very pleasant to swim in. Swimming is one of the most popular activities during a Santorini sailing day tour, so be sure to bring your swimsuit, towel, and change of clothes.


When to book a Santorini sailing tour?

Due to the popularity of sailing in Santorini, whether they are private or group tours, booking in advance and before arrival in Santorini is advisable. In the summer, 3-4 weeks beforehand should be enough time to find your ideal timeslot, and in the offseason, from March-May and September-November a few days should be fine.

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